Gratitude is about saying thank you.

Parents teach us to say thank you, thanks, or offer some other words of appreciation for something, it can be anything, that has helped us in some way.

I would say thank you to a friend at the gym who gives me the sports pages from their newspaper so I can read while I am on the treadmill, I appreciate the pages because reading makes the time go by quicker.

It could be to the sales assistant who goes a little bit further searching for the item I want to buy and finds the last one in the store.

It could be my pet cat who wakes me up because she senses it is time for me to get up when in fact I had forgotten to set the alarm the night before.

It can also be someone who has stopped me doing something unwise, or dangerous, and has pointed me in a different direction saving me money, time or from injury.

Most often though, it is gratitude offered to my Guardian Angels through my intuition, they have spoken to me, and changed my course of action. Each evening when I leave work, I have several different ways I can drive home, but I ask that I be shown the quickest and safest way to drive home. It has never failed yet, but I always make sure I say “Thank you!”

That sales assistant who searched and found the last one in the store saved me $100, but that was the end of a series of things that directed me to the store, on that day, something I had not planned to do. Although I didn’t feel as though I should go to the store, which was out of my way by quite a bit, I allowed my intuition to take over and I ended talking to an assistant who just happened to be the right person with the right knowledge and skill to help guide me through a series of decisions that ended with that happy result.

As I walked out of the store, I was happy and thankful to my Guardian Angels and thanks them profusely. Then, they guided me to take a different way home which although I expected it to be busy was surprisingly empty of traffic and most of the numerous traffic lights were green. I offered another thank you as I parked my car and headed in doors.

Guardian Angels and all our angels and Arch Angels are with us through every moment of our lives. They love us unconditionally and through our thoughts and intuition they help us immensely every moment of every day. Although their love and help is unconditional, showing appreciation and gratitude helps us recognize the good things that happen, and good things can also be bad things not happening, which is just as important.

As you learn to thank your Guardian Angels for the good things they send as messages through our intuition, the more likely we are to recognize and act on other messages in the future and receive gifts and benefits as a result.

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