Gratitude for my many blessings

As a Reiki Practitioner, I respect the Five Reiki principles written down by Dr Usui.

Of the five let’s focus on:

  • I’m grateful for my many blessings

As part of start of your day, spend a few moments thinking about the Gift of Reiki and how you can help to promote and use it for the betterment, of people you come into contact with. Visualize and feel grateful for each blessing – a person, an object, a situation in your life.  Let your heart expand as you do so.  Take some time with this.  When you are complete with this process, go onto the fourth principle.

While you may know the situations that you are grateful for, there are others you do not, they come as a surprise to you, whether that surprise is a happy one or not so happy depends on your view point and intention. The fact these surprises and life challenges come to you is part of your spiritual growth, they help you grow and be adaptable and successful. When they arrive, focus on what gifts you have, rather than what you do not. Whether it is the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual world healing begins to take place when you use what you have. What you have is worth practicing gratitude for.

Your experience with Reiki, the universal energy that heals and helps all of us will be just right for the healing session you will be doing for a recipient. Love and enjoy the experience and at the same time help the person receiving Reiki. Gratitude is healing your thoughts to make you a better conduit for Reiki at the same time you are better able to help and heal the person you are conducting the session for.

Focusing on the negative in your life is damaging to your intention to do good, to provide Reiki energy to help another. It is also damaging to our mind and body because negative thoughts bring worry, fear, doubt and more worry. As the worry circle repeats, so does the feeling that you are not able to perform your duties as a Reiki Practitioner. Ultimately, you can end up doubting your ability to be a conduit for Reiki energy and the spiral continues downwards.

To promote Reiki healing, we must focus our perception on what is to appreciate and what is good in our lives. That healing can be a big help if part of our negative feeling is the result of our own physical illness. As practitioners we often forget that we need Reiki healing ourselves. Sit down and quietly start to perform a self-Reiki session, discover what it is that needs attention in yourself. Some people think of Self-Reiki as being selfish. That in some way we are denying another person the Reiki energy we are consuming.

That cannot be further for the truth. Reiki Energy is a Universal Healing energy. There is no limit to it. So, give time and Reiki energy to yourself before you attend to someone else. You will see your outlook and consciousness start to brighten as Reiki removes negative thinking from our minds and repairs start to be made to your mind, body and spirit.

Being able to express and be grateful within ourselves does not mean there will be not problems or challenges. As I have mentioned there will be many but it is how we accept and work with them, how we understand what they mean to us. Being positive and grateful for the challenges immediately changes our thoughts and feelings towards those situations. I can see that even though the experience feels unpleasant, there is some good to be found in it. Even where there is pain, there is learning and growth.

While these are day-to-day experiences, we all carry the scars and hurt feelings for situations that have happened in he past. The same approach as we use for daily challenges can be applied to old situations. Being able to release these experiences allows us to put down the baggage of those events that have haunted us until now. With our lightened load we can more effectively practice gratitude for ourselves.

I keep a daily journal, one of the things I write about is my feeling of gratitude for at least one thing for that day that you never thought to be grateful for before.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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