Gratitude and the changes saying the word, feeling the word makes in us is important. The challenges we meet in life, help us to grow, they help us to heal by giving us strength. They can also help us grow by showing us the extent of our challenges as compared to someone or something else. There are loved ones that stand by us, and support us, food on the table, a roof over our head, and so much more. Some of this we take for granted. Some of it we do not appreciate as much as we should. 

Taking a few minutes each day to relax and consider what it is you are grateful for. Doing this in nature is, your own back garden, a park, a place by a lake, for me, by the lake is best. But also recognize that parks and public places also bring energies you may not want around you and that you will need to engage with the Archangel Michael to protect your space from these unwanted spiritual intrusions.

If you have a strong guide who can support and protect the session, they will do just as well as protector of you and the session.

If you cannot be outside, somewhere peaceful in your home will do!

I usually burn incense. If you do, the one you choose is your choice, not someone else who may share the space. You will be guided to make the choice. Light it a few minutes before you start so that the scent has already permeated the room you are in.

I like to have a crystal with me. Again, hold the one you feel guided to.

Close your eyes and allow the busy, egoic mind to stop its chatter. As you spend time quietly like this you will become more proficient in stopping the chatter very quickly. Be at peace with yourself and the space around you. The crystal you are holding can be a center of concentration because you can feel it in your hand.

Breathe. Breath brings air, which contains oxygen into your body. Oxygen is life, we need it to sustain our cells and the physical container in which our soul is experiencing the physical world.

Appreciate and say thank you for these things. Show gratitude for the time and space to be able to do this.

The physical container, your body, has challenges. You see through your eyes, touch with your fingers, well, almost every part of your body is sensitive to touch, but the fingers and hands are the most important. Ears through which you hear. The nose that brings in air also smells the environment. We taste the world with our tongues. We express ourselves with our voices. Our bones muscles, tendons etc. allow us mobility to change our location and see things. Our skin, a complex organ in its own right is both the barrier between what is inside and what is external to us, but it also heals us when we cut or damage it. It depends us against disease.

For each one of these things we can be grateful and express our gratitude by a simple statement: “I am grateful for…”

Gratitude can also be expressed by sensing through one of our sense. Before you started this session, you lit some incense. Use your sense of smell to detect and appreciate the incense. Appreciate the fact that you can smell the incense and show gratitude for it.

As you practice and repeat this session of gratitude. Change the sense through which you are appreciating and showing gratitude. The crystal may be smooth or it may be rough and natural. Use your hands to sense its shape, size, smoothness, roughness, weight. In your hands, in your fingers, on your leg. Express your gratitude for the sense of touch.

As the session comes to the end, place your hand over your heart and sincerely, tell yourself you love YOU! As you do this your soul is communicating with your physical self. 

It is the moment when it tells the physical container, no matter how strong and vibrant, or, how imperfect and restrained the body is, it appreciates what it can do. It is the moment when the blind person says thank you for touch and smell and the other senses. When the deaf person says thank you for sight and feeling. 

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