Goals and Manifesting dreams

Goals and Manifesting dreams, for the future. Things we want to manifest that have a bigger meaning for us, whether it is a car, house, relationship, a big bank balance that infers security and peace of mind, or an academic qualification.

We also have a Things to Do list, for more mundane but never the less, important things. The grocery list that has things added to it so that I do not forget something I need and it stops me from buying things I do not need. Finally, the calendar items. Every Tuesday, I put out the green bin containing food scraps, on alternate Tuesdays, I put out either the Grey bin with garbage or the blue bin with recycling.

On our journey to manifesting something we want, such as an academic credential, there may be many parts or stages we have to progress through. Keeping track what we have to do to is important to reaching that bigger goal.

With so many things to do, we must organise how we keep track of the lists not just the things on them. With our energy going into so many things, we start to feel depleted and drained. Things we want to pay attention to suddenly do not have enough energy to devote to them. This can lead to frustration and confusion; a sense of chaos starts to overwhelm us and we resent where our energy has actually gone. If chaos, lack of energy and resentment about the scattering of our energy and our soul energy is strong enough we can become ill.

The healing energy of Reiki will help us quieten the chaos and help us to decide where and how we will devote our energy. It can bring balance and reinforce our intention to have a balanced and bountiful life that our soul enjoys by bringing to us experiences that are enriching and happy both in the short and long term.

Plan forward by simplifying the way you keep track of your plans, tasks and to do lists. I prefer to use automated tolls such as the calendar on my smart phone, when I create a task or add to a to do list, I enter how and when I want to be notified. That way I do not have to devote my energy to tracking and alerting myself to this or that or plan for the next step of something.

When tasks have been completed, let the day go, let the tasks go, the calendar will automatically delete them, I have done my best to fulfill my lists when I was alerted. To give me clarity and thoughtfulness, I carry with me crystals, White Zebra Jasper always, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and others as I feel guided. They will help me through the day and with any tasks, and to do list items I have to deal with.

As the tasks appear and are dealt with I make sure to add any new responsibilities to my calendar as they appear. I do not want to deal with creating a new list when I get home at the end of the day. Remembering what you need to add to a to do list or my calendar, or creating a new to do list when it be done when it comes apparent is itself energy sapping. It creates anxiety and worry that you might forget it, get things in the wrong order, or create a to do list for the wrong thing.

At the end of the day sit quietly and thank yourself for the day and the attention you gave everything not just the things you had on your lists. Thank yourself for being you and tell yourself you love you! You have done and achieved all that you have with love, grace, and strength.

If you are attuned with Reiki, bring your hands together in Gassho and still your mind. Quiet that busy mind, quieten the ego. Concentrate on your energy and your Chakras. Concentrate on clearing and aligning your chakras so you have a powerful and clear flow of energy from your Root Chakra all the way to the Crown Chakra. Bring your intention to a having a good evening and a night’s sleep that fill you with energy and allows you to wake tomorrow fully rested. Do not worry about tomorrow, you cannot change anything because it has not happened yet.


Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher

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