Getting to know our Angels and Guides through Intuition

Getting to know your guides and Angels through Intuition. Messages from your guides angels come in the form of Intuition.

Listen to your intuition, not your ego.

Our soul comes with an ego, it helps us look after ourselves in the material world. There are many definitions of ego; here I will try to explain it from personal experience, rather than drawing from the literature or academic ideas.

The role of the ego is twofold – it protects us, and helps us tell ourselves apart from other people.  

Our soul is expansive, energetic and creative; it defies logic, shifts and changes happen in bursts and growth occurs quickly. 

In contrast, our ego is logical, slow to change, evidence based and looks for proof and validation before accepting anything to be true.

Our ego reflects the opinion we hold of ourselves, but that opinion changes slowly over time as the ego shifts to accommodate what we believe. Think of our opinion of ourselves as including:

  • Self-esteem is how much we like ourselves.
  • Self-worth is how much we value ourselves.
  • Self-confidence is a belief in ourselves and our abilities.

Society is based around the ego – it keeps us on our toes and functioning in the world that we live in. We are part of the crowd and generally don’t stand out by doing anything special, or that can be criticized…

To not stand out from the crowd we need to repress something in ourselves. We need to hold back our gifts, our talents, our truth. When this happens, we become disconnected with our true essence, with our “selves” and that’s where a lot of the pain in life comes from. As we get lost in the mix, we forget who we are, or that we have a right to be happy. We struggle to reconcile what the ego tells us and what intuition, our real selves wants to do or say.

The ego makes things more important to us when they really are not. We become submissive, we’re told what to do, and who to be, and to do it without questioning it. The system of our society is based around the ego, we are living the ego, and in that, everyone is following everyone else.

STOP IT!!!! Listen to your heart, listen to your energy body, to your soul. Listen to what is you want to do, go where your heart and your intuition lead.

The ego has a role to play in our lives, we need it but we need to have control over it rather than be under its control.

Learn to act on your intuition and bring it to the front of your attention. Don’t hold back on your gifts, talents, or your truth. Open up and express them, listen to that inner voice that tells you to try something new.

An integral part of our soul. It comes with the soul when we are born and it will leave when we pass on. 

It is that part of us that helps protect and guide us through the material world.

It protects us by giving us a sense of what we should not do, or what we should do given a particular situation. For example, I would never climb 60 feet up a tree, but as a scuba diver, looking over the some of the dive boat at 60 feet of depth. I did, and still do, find that exciting. 

The ego test us apart from other people, the clothes we wear, the computer we use, where and how we live, the car we drive, where and what we do when we go on holiday… the list goes on and on.

The soul is power, packed with creative, life and expresses itself in energy and dedication. My time diving, took me into many realms; the physics and physiology of diving, history, medical knowledge, education and study, time and money. All of this happened within two years of a relationship ending that blocked these expansive bursts of growth and energy.

The ego can be slow to change. If it is slow to change it is because of its need for evidence and proof before that a change will be good for us. This can lead us to over think things as well as not take a risk to change. In hindsight if we accepted the risk we see that it was probably not as great a risk as the ego made it appear.

Some of the things that led me into diving and eventually being an instructor and opening a dive business were:

  • Self Esteem – I liked and enjoyed diving, but as an instructor I had a role to play and people looked up to me 
  • Self-worth – because people looked up to me, I felt I had more value
  • Self – The process of becoming an instructor and the feeling of increased self-worth increased confidence in myself and my capability

All of these things meant I was apart from the crowd of people who did no scuba dive and more importantly, were not instructors.

I was happy that I was doing something special and was no longer part of the crowd. And yet, if people were not involved in diving no one looking at me would know I was involved or that I had an elevated role.

If I had held back and not moved on to complete the courses and training that made me an instructor, I would not have been happy. Holding back my gifts, my talents, or the truth about myself, would not have made me happy, on the contrary, I would have been unhappy and unhappiness creates pan in our soul and our existence. It makes someone who has the potential to be a leader into someone who is a follower, that person is then submissive and just following everyone else.

STOP IT!!!! Listen to your heart, listen to your energy body, to your soul.

The ego has a role to play in our lives, it needs to be retrained but we need to have control over it, not be under its control. 

Learn to act on your intuition and bring it to the front of your attention.

Intuition is the name we give to ideas and things that appear to us, and we talk about accepting them or seizing the opportunity our intuition tells us is there.

Intuition is our angels and guides speaking to us. A part of our self-healing is for each day to be a day when we learn about our own, personal, angels and guides, the roles they play in our lives and what they can do for us, the more intuitive ideas and opportunities appear and the closer we get to our soul and our purpose in this existence. 

Sit quietly at home before going out and think about our angels and guides, ask for their help today. For example, I ask them to help me with my speech, thinking, behaviour and writing and ask them to “edit” as appropriate.

By editing I mean, help me speak up when the ego might hold me back. Think creatively or “outside of the box” to solve a problem when the ego would prefer not to present a radical idea. Behaviour is an important part in personal interaction, do not turn your back on someone. And lastly, because I write a lot in my work-work, improve my writing and its clarity, and in always help make it as effective as my thinking, speech and behaviour.

Being more open to intuition, repeating it and acting on the ideas and thoughts it brings us makes us happier and provides a balance to the ego. More importantly, it helps us learn to balance intuition and ego and teaches us other ways to improve our Self-esteem, self worth and our feeling of self confidence.