Full Moon Healing

Full Moon and Healing

We have looked at special events and power associated with the New Moon. Let’s look now at how a Full Moon can magnify healing energy.

The lunar cycle is every 29.5 days. Google the lunar cycle to see where you are in terms of the current cycle. Ideally, being close to the New Moon is best for this exercise. The New Moon, New things, New Hopes, New wishes. The full moon brings new wishes and hopes to fruition.

Vector image of Monthly Moon / Luna Cycle of 29.5 days
Vector Illustration of Informative Chart of Monthly Moon Cycle

The moon is important. The moon is the light that made the night livable for the ancients, the nightly plunge into darkness was not so scary with the moon to shine down and illuminate the land. Over time, rituals and beliefs became associated with the Moon in its own right. Where it was in the sky, what phase of the moon all helped describe the progress of days, weeks, and a month. Astrology and the beginnings of astronomy soon took over as the human mind expanded and experimented with the way the world and the heavens worked. 

The sun is too bright to look at unless you are looking at sunrise or sunset, but even then, you cannot look at it much after or before the final few minutes. This in part is why Druids and other ancient religions marked the Summer and Winter Solstices, at dawn, not Midday.

The new moon historically has been a time to look forward to new opportunities, new manifestation and new intentions. It has been a time to look backwards and discard what is not working, what has passed the part it is to play in your life.

A full moon is all the energy of a new moon come to fruition. Now is the time to join with that energy to let it magnify Reiki energy and help others.

Whether they be clients, loved ones, or pets. Now is the time during the month when they can each be helped the most. Oh, and don’t forget yourself. A self-Reiki session is as important as what you do for others. So, let’s get to it!

Ideally you should be attuned to reiki at the Master/teacher level. But even Level 1 Attunement brings benefits to those we provide energy to.

If you can sit outside, at night, facing the Full moon you will receive the most energy from the moon. Consider its shape and color of its reflected light. That reflected light is from the sun. 

We cannot look at the sun during the day, it is too bright and it would damage our eyes. But at night, especially with a full moon, we can look at the light of the sun as it is reflected.

Close your eyes and start a regular remote Reiki Session.

Ask Archangel Michael to protect the session from any spiritual interference. 

Use the distance symbol – Hunshazishuneen – pronounced “Hahn Sha Zay Show Neen.” This symbol carries the meaning of “The Divine Power in me greets the Divine Power in you to promote enlightenment and peace”. The direct translation is “The Buddha in me sees the Buddha in you”. This symbol transmits Reiki across distance, space and time and is used primarily for distance healing. 

Ask the angels, archangels and guides of the person you are conducting the session for to join your session. They should be asked to join with your own angels, archangels and guides.

Start with Cord Cutting. There is no one better than Archangel Michael to do this. Ask him to cut any cords attached to the recipient of this session and for him to fill the person with his Pure White Light and surround them with his protective energy.

Continue channeling Reiki energy and also channeling the energy you are receiving from the full moon. Consider anything special about the recipient’s physical needs, emotional needs. 

Sei He Ki – the mental and emotional symbol Sehekey pronounced “Say He Key” is used for mental healing, accessing the subconscious and calming the mind. The translations mean “as above, so below” and represents Divine Source and human coming together. The use of this symbol is to address the emotional component behind physical diseases or energy blocks. Especially important in this time of COVID-19 to lift their worries, doubts and fears.

Finally, if your Reiki guides tell you there I nothing else to do for the recipient, close the session with the Reiki Power symbol Chokurey. Chokurey pronounced “Cho-koo-ray” is used to increase power.  The symbol means “current” and the symbol and its related words make a statement to the universe:  “Put the Power Here”.

The translation for Chokurey means “command to the universal life energy”.  The symbol draws energy around you and brings it to focus where you want it. The symbols should be made quite large with your palm over the recipient and then repeat silently the word ‘Chokurey’ three times. You can repeat the command while making the symbol or after you have completed it.  

Chokurey is a curving sword, which makes space by penetrating nothingness and filling it with spirit or power. It is the great accelerator which directs and focuses power wherever used, repeating the work Chokurey increases the power. 

Finally, as you invited the recipient’s angels, archangels and guides to join us, we must now send them back to the person we are conducting the session for.

If you are at the end of the remote sessions, and your own! Now is the time to thank Archangel Michael for his protection and help.

I would spend a few minutes studying and reflecting on the Moon and the light it sheds on us when it is full and tank it also for the added potency it has provided to our session.

More information to Reiki Symbols and Attunement can be found in our Reiki Manual II. Click image below to order.

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