Fears, Doubts, Worries and Uncertainty

Fears, Doubts, Worries and Uncertainty we all have them. They are the things that either separately or in combination stop us from moving forward and grasping the things we want and need. We are fearful when we move to a new job, will we excel as we did in the previous one. We worry about things we cannot control, and we are uncertain about what we should do next.

Dreams and aspirations are our expectations and hopes for a better future but sometimes we doubt we are capable of living those dreams. If we dream of a new car, will we be able to drive and park it as well as the old one we are driving?

A sunny condo overlooking a lake, or a cottage in the country, set amongst the trees and by a lake where we can boat, are we deserving of such beauty homes?

Buying a property comes with a lot of changes but also a lot of legal and other contractual things we have to complete before we can move in and make them our home, our beautiful relaxing home. Dwelling too long on all the things we have to do tends to take the shine off our vision for a bright and happy home.

Worrying about creating and manifesting the things we want and hope become stressful and wastes and hurts our soul.

Get in touch with the soul inside of you. Become yourself, put away the fears, doubts, worries, and uncertainties. Things you wish for are not out of reach when you get in touch with your true self. 

Fears can be overcome by feelings of positivity. If you want that condo by a lake, think of yourself there and what life would be like, for you, for your pets, for others in your life. Would they visit you more often because you have a nice balcony to sit out on? Would the summer breezes be sweeter with the smell of the water? Thinking of these and any other enjoyable attributes of being in the condo become positive affirmations at put the fears away.

Doubts about being able to park the new car can disappear when you think of all the other people who drive the vehicle and park it easily, so why are you doubting your ability? Banish the doubts. Perhaps have a test drive in your chosen vehicle and try parking it?

Worries over the legal and contract issues for buying the property you wish are things many other people engage in. If you are a new buyer, so are many others, they get through the process. You are as capable as they are. They have worries too but maybe they do not show it. So, don’t dwell on your worries, put them away and concentrate on doing everything you are required to easily and confidently.

Uncertainty. Well, nothing is certain. But uncertainty should not stop you from attempting something. Follow the guidance provided to everyone, gain confidence by doing. Until you have that experience of doing you will always have a little uncertainty.

Understanding this, sit quietly for a moment with your favourite incense burning and watch the smoke rise and how even small energies in the air of your room make the smoke stir and change direction. Think of the smoke carrying your wishes and desires to the universe.

If you are attuned to Reiki, sit with your hands in Gassho, still your busy mind and open yourself to Reiki energy and ask it to help you manifest your desires. If you are not attuned, ask the universe to help you manifest your desires. Attuned or not, be open and undemanding, be still and peaceful. 

Picture How manifestation of your desire would bring peace and blessings to you first, and then to others? Picture all of this in your third eye. This is powerful because when our desires bring blessings, the Universe provides us immense support.

Let how you feel when the thing you are focused on makes you feel. Even though you are still “seeing” what it is you want to manifest I your Third Eye, it is important to know how you feel. I know that when [not if] my condo manifests I will spend time being amazed at the flow of the clouds across the sky and in stormy weather, how the energy in the storm will stir the water. Although there is so much energy in the weather I know I will sense joy and peace.

Allow the emotions to recede and if you are attuned to Reiki, draw the symbols in the air in front of you, with your hands. Then clap your hands three times and let the session end naturally.

If your incense is still burning watch how it is burning down and sit still until the incense is burned out and gone.

This is a good practice to carry out before going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep. Your mind is peaceful, and you have clarity about what it is you want to manifest and how it will make you feel. Your mind and your dreams, literally now, your dreams will be part of the process of manifesting because you have added clarity to manifestation.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner:

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