Peace and Trauma

Even the smallest thing can be called traumatic. I shut my hand in the car door a few years ago and had to deal with the pain and injury for weeks after. Later, I broke the handle on another door on the car and had to order and install a new one. It took weeks to arrive, all the time I could not use the door o the car. It was a worry and a frustration.

These may seem small things but one was physical, the hurt to my hand, and the other emotional and mental, the frustration of waiting for the handle to arrive.

Depression, anxiety, frustration or negative feelings can have a big effect on your ability to function in daily life. Do you struggle vent frustration and anger easily? Or do you assume that what just went wrong is as it is meant to be, for you! Do you feel you don’t deserve any better?

Reiki is the fundamental energy of the universe. Embrace Reiki and learn about it. It has come into your life at this moment for a reason, it is here to help you. Embrace and love that it has. Tale the next step and take Reiki classes with the intention, not hope, intention, that you will become attuned to Reiki. It is nice to practice and help others, but let’s start simply by becoming attuned so that you have a closer and deeper connection to this fundamental energy of life.

With Reiki attunement come Reiki guides who will help you use and understand Reiki Energy.

Call on these guides to help you to face the physical and emotional injuries. If you need to look at cause of these challenges your guides will help you. Old emotional hurts can be looked at and seen for what they are. They are events in the past that need to be closed. Perhaps a relationship did not go well and the ending was rather messy. Do not apportion blame for the ending, but look at what you learned from it. Then close it. It is history, it is a memory. Let it disappear and you move on with your learning. Cho Ku Rei is the Reiki power symbol. Use its energy to close the hurtful events and empower your learning so that you can move forward without the trauma of the past events.

Eckhart Tolle in his book NOW explains how to live in the moment, in the NOW. Do not live in the past or because of the past, live in the NOW. The learning you have form that past trauma can help you live successfully in the NOW, if you will let it. 

If the trauma was from a failed relationship, one of your learnings should be that you will not repeat such a relationship again. Do not go back to that person and do not choose another with similar characteristics. 

If you have written down what it is you want to manifest in your life, those are the happy and bright things you aspire to have. Now take time to write down some of the things you do not want. With past trauma closed and healed, solidify the meaning by describing it on paper so that you can see it in black and white. 

When you are finished, and read it over. Take the paper and shred it, tear it up into tiny pieces, burn it. Feel the release of having looked at the trauma in cold black and white of ink and paper and consider how you have changed through Reiki energy and applying it to the memory and feelings of the original trauma.

Take another piece of paper and write about the NOW, the moment, where you are at. What you feel is holding you back and ask your Reiki guides to help you remove those blockages and heal those hurts, if they are hurts. Once hurt and trauma have been healed, what is left is often they created in you that magnifies the hurt. A failed relationship has two people in it [usually] but when you have healed the trauma with the help of Reiki, something can be left behind for example, blame. It can still linger in the form of being too ready to blame yourself or others for completely different and unrelated things. It is time to let go of those things as well.

Reiki, will help you through your daily existence as you experience every moment of NOW.

If you feel you want to go beyond yourself and help others with your Reiki guides and knowledge, do so. You will enjoy doing so.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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