Practice Kindness

Be Kind…

The five principals of Reiki taught by Dr. Mikao Usui are:

  • Recognize and release angry feelings
  • Recognize and let go of worry
  • Practice gratitude
  • Recognize your own consciousness
  • Practice kindness

In this post let us focus on the fifth and last principal, Kindness. Other posts will focus on the other principals.

Kindness is a type of behavior marked by acts of generosity, consideration, or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward.[1]

Kindness can be allowing someone to go ahead of us at the grocery store checkout, it can mean waiting for an elderly person to cross the stress. It can mean helping someone who is sick. Kindness comes naturally to some, not to others.

At the core of kindness is kindness to ourselves. I have been a spinning instructor in a gym and a scuba diving instructor. As an instructor I had to learn how to be kind to myself first in terms of those worlds. Spinning is a high intensity cycling activity, requiring fitness, strength and cardio vascular capability. Scuba also requires fitness and strength, but it also requires a certain psychological control as you will be under water, sometimes quite a way, 100 feet or more. You have to be prepared for the mental challenge. 

Once I learned and acquired the ability to participate in a spinning class, I had to learn how to teach it. I had to recognize the how others would respond to the challenges of the activity. As a scuba diver, I had to see and to teach and help people understand what it meant to be under water.

In both worlds I have seen people be unkind to themselves. 

A participant in a spinning class who felt they did not keep up with the others and performed poorly could not see that they did as well as their body and their physical ability allowed. 

Perhaps the scuba diving was not the right activity for a student who could not tolerate being underwater for more than a few minutes. In the end they had to leave the class, disappointed and disillusioned by what they had just learned about themselves.

In both cases, telling them not to be so harsh on themselves, not to place blame on themselves, not to be harsh emotionally on themselves for something they have just discovered about themselves that was always there.

The participant in the spinning class had to learn not to judge themselves by how they felt others saw them. Most of all not to judge themselves. Instead, exercise as best they are able and enjoy what they are able to do.

The scuba student who left early has many other sporting opportunities, not being able to hold your head underwater for more than a few minutes is something not many people are able to tolerate. This is not strange and not something to be disillusioned about.

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways and we should be proud of who and what we are. We should be grateful for what we can do and enjoy it. In the same way our pets are unique, happy, each cat and dog are as fully a cat or dog as they can be. They give us unconditional love and help us treasure them. Plants blossom and are happy to provide us joy from their special and unique beauty. Be kind to them and they will live longer and be a shining light in our lives.

Being kind to ourselves helps us be kind to others.

Reiki can help us learn about ourselves and about how we can be kind to others. How we can learn not to judge but help. How to avoid criticizing others and support them instead.

Your connection with Reiki will help you understand the healing energy of Reiki, but it also helps you learn how to help others. As you progress through your Reiki attunements you will learn more and more about yourself and be kind to yourself.

Reiki energy is gentle energy, it is from the universe and the Great Spirit. As you learn more about Reiki, and become attuned, if that is where your intentions take you, the better able you will be to see and help all things that grow and live. Even those that seem to be in a harsh and unforgiving life, they are the ones who need positive Reiki energy most.

Practicing Kindness may the last of the five Reiki principals but it is no less important, no less powerful and no less a way of living out lives.

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The Five Principles of Reiki are described in our Student Manual, Link below.

This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

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