Reiki and Goals

2020 was a difficult year. The pandemic challenged all of us in so many different ways. From those who lost a family member, to those who suffered through an infection, and those who lost jobs we were all affected at a deeply personal level.

The New Year is a traditional time of making goals and plans. Promises and resolutions. Focusing our determination on what we want to manifest in the year, how the challenges we will face will be overcome and how we will commit our energy through all this to come. We may even raise resolutions about what we will not do, rather than what we will. 

Some of these plans and result ions will be deeply intellectual such as completing courses and training or highly personal such as giving more love and attention to aging parents or a child who has a disability to challenge.

If you choose to write these things down, so they are clear in your mind and intention. The first thing you need to do is ask the Archangel Michael to stand guard over you as you create your list free from worry about influence from dark or lower energies. With the Archangel standing guard over you, engage with Reiki guides and Reiki energy to give energy to what you write.

When I saw write, you can of course, type at a laptop, smart phone, or tablet and store what you have written as a file. If you choose to record your goals electronically, I strongly recommend you print them out. You can pin the page up somewhere where you can see it every day. I have seen people write sticky notes for things on such a list and put them on the back of the door they use to leave their house. This way they have to read it before they go out into the world.

Read your notes over and correct, add or delete anything that is not relevant. Do not be tempted to rewrite your notes. We are not seeking perfection. We are seeking authenticity. What you think, want, and desire should be recorded naturally as they occurr to you. 

Roll or fold your note sup and put them away where they are not out of mind but you can find them easily.

While you are still under protection of the Archangel, think about what you have just written and the way it will affect your energy in the coming year. If your hopes and dreams are diverse and you will be asking yourself to do a lot with many different things, recognize that this can lead to exhaustion and exhaustion means resentment about the variety and depth of tasks. Look for a path through your goals that reinforces a sense of direction and purpose.

Do not let a feeling or sense of chaos over take you. Even if it means slowing down for a moment, clearing your mind or even meditating for a few minutes, let Reiki energy fill you with the feeling that you can achieve what you wrote and find a way through the challenges ahead. Now is the time to be calm and peaceful before you start. Now is the time to align with your energy. Now is the time to bring Reiki energy into your feelings about your plans.

Thank the Archangel for standing guard over you. Now is the time to rest. Concentrate on Reiki and inviting its energy into each corner of your plans and hopes. Invite Reiki energy into yourself. Now is the time to ask for cleansing of your chakras, taking each one in turn from the root to the crown. Take it easy on yourself, if you do not feel you can cleanse all of your chakras, do the ones that speak to you.

Depending on what level of Reiki you are attuned to, with your finger, write the Reiki symbols on the palm of your other hand and direct the energy to the chakras that speak to you, those will be the ones that need the most attention.

If you can, take a nap or go to sleep for the evening. Do so. In the morning, or after your nap, there will be a sense of clarity about how what you plan for can be achieved.

Bring something of the hopes and plans into each day. At the end of your day, take a moment to think about what you have achieved that day that will bring your hopes, plans, and dreams into reality. Appreciate them and recognize what you can do tomorrow to help bring closer to being completed.

As you gather your thoughts about the day and what will happen tomorrow, include Reiki energy. Let it refuel you after today and prepare you for the next steps. Draw Reiki symbols over your hand and over anything you have written down to record your day and thoughts about the next.

Crystals can be a big help. I have several that speak to me, you may have the same or something different. Before I leave the house, I will select 2, 3, or even 4 and have them with me through the day in my pocket. During the day, when I think about my goals or I am doing something to further my goals, I will hold them and concentrate on them. 

Because each day has different spiritual and crystal needs, I do not use the same ones all the time. Whatever speaks to me is what take with me or hold.

One thing I find the crystals do for me is install a sense of flexibility and ability. I am flexible in terms of outcome of any event and I feel assured of my ability.

If events during the day did not turn out as you had planned think about them and what they taught you, what lessons you have learned and instill Reiki energy into the lessons and teachings. It may not appear so now, but something of value has taken place and being flexible enough to be grateful that you had the opportunity to do the best you could.

Now is the time to channel Reiki energy into your rest and preparation for the next day.


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