Reiki II Sacred Symbols

Mankind has always sought to communicate, before words there were pictures. Pictures drawn on cave walls to tell tales and to pass on information. These were our first symbols. Symbols are a way of linking the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, or sometimes deeper to the super-conscious. We ‘feel’ symbols rather than ‘reading or thinking’ them. 

A different part of the brain operates when seeing or drawing symbols. A symbol is Universal and needs no explanation. Lines and drawing set off a vibration unique to themselves; a vibration or change of current in the electromagnetic fields.  Soft flowing or circular lines create peaceful moods or feelings; while sharp squares or jagged lines create another kind of response. With highly advanced state of the art equipment, changes within people can be observed and measure.

Meditation on geometric forms helps us tap into the collective unconsciousness. Here we have access to Universal symbols that are not inventions of the conscious mind. They become a source of knowledge, such as those that appear in dreams, visions and psychic phenomena.  

Almost all geometric designs, like spirals, cones, crosses etc. give off energies of various frequencies that have a molecular/electric influence upon the neuro-muscular system of the body. 

You have a way to call those energies to you and to access the knowledge, help and healing contained with them. The Reiki Symbols themselves are not powerful or spiritual. But when used in conjunction with the Reiki initiations, they become useful tools for raising your vibrational frequency, directing energy and transcending time and space. Welcome them into your knowing; into your experience. 

The Reiki symbols are sacred. Do not show or discuss them with anyone who is not Second Degree or above. Reiki is spiritual energy, which the symbols tune into. 

Please refer to the diagram of the Level II Symbols and their sacred names. These are symbols that will be sealed into the palms of your hands and are your Level II Symbols. It is important that you draw the symbols exactly as they are and pronounce the names correctly. Please note the symbols taught by other teachers and schools may differ slightly, there are approximately 20 versions of Hunshazishuneen.

This article is derived form our Reiki II Student Manual available on Amazon.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

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