Is not just about the end of one’s life, but especially in the west, and with western Abrahamic religions in particular, that is the way it is regarded. In the simplest and easiest term, it is going to sleep and never waking up. Friends and relatives are left to manage unsettled affairs and dispose of the physical body, the container for the soul reincarnated into it at birth.

Death also means transformation, transmigration, change, change the things that are not working for you. It is the decision to leave your company to go to another or to start your own business. Death can also mean retirement, at the end of a long working life.

Yes, we may stay in contact with people we worked with but as their lives move and we no longer share the stresses and decisions of the working environment, we become less and less connected to them. Annual get togethers have smaller and smaller numbers of attendees until there are none, or, someone just doesn’t bother to organize it one year.

Most people would not refer to retirement, or leaving to go to another company as “Death.” But it is an ending and Reiki has a role to play in both the process that is happening as you move on to the next phase of your life. Reiki has a role in all the things you would like to end and the manifestation of what follows. Focus on the new, not what has gone. Do not cling to the old as if it were a crutch that helps you walk. 

Accept what is to change and encourage it by focusing on the death of what is to go. Release the pain and resistance that is holding you down, holding you back. Now, we have talked of death and endings, but transformation into something new can also include the death of something no longer serving us. Remodeling a home would fit into this.

Now is the time to release… Now is the time to move forward.

Clear your space of negative energies. Smudge it with Sage, if you cannot do it yourself, as for someone attuned to Reiki, attuned to the Master Teacher level.

If you have a journal, prepare a new page and list the things that are to be released, all the things that are not working for you, all the things that have to die in order for you to move forward without any burdens. Immediately after that page, start a new age with all the things you want to manifest in your life. As the old ends, so the new must make itself present.

  1. Find somewhere that is quiet and you are free from interruption.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to stand guard over you while you are releasing. Ask him to make sure there are to be no interruptions, no meddling, no interference. He will protect the session.
  3. Quiet your busy mind. Quiet the egoic mind.
  4. If you are attuned to Reiki, level 2 or higher use the power symbol Chokurei to give the session energy and empower your intentions. If you are not et attuned to Reiki, affirm your desire, and intention that these endings and new starts take place in your life.
  5. Open the journal at the page of endings. Use the power symbol Chokurei again give your intentions for endings… purpose. Place your hand on the page and see in your mind, in your spirit the endings taking place.
  6. Open the journal at the page of new beginnings. Use the power symbol Chokurei again give your intentions for new starts, new purpose. Place your hand on the page and see in your mind, in your spirit, the beginning of new things that you want to bring in to your life.
  7. At the end of the session, close the journal and thank Archangel Michael for standing guard over the session.

A few weeks from now, symbolically, the end of the month is ideal. Open the journal and look at the page of endings and the page of new beginnings. You can if you want tick off the ones that have come to fruition. I prefer to strike through the things that have ended with e black or red pen, and tick the things that are new beginnings with a green one. But you can use whatever is at hand. 

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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