Making Life too Difficult

Making Life too Difficult

Life is not supposed to be easy. There are good times when life seems to flow and all is milk and honey as what we think and ask for is manifested seemingly right away. Then there are the times when life is hard and difficult, what we want does not appear, or if it does, in a way we see as inadequate. At least to our ego centric mind tells us it is inadequate.

Then there are times of sadness when something we loved and never imaged could leave us actually does. It could be a pet passing away, it could be relationship, a friendship, a favourite location that losses its magic and we cannot see any reason for going back.

Life is not supposed to be easy. Sometimes everything seems to be going well, but our ego centric mind continues to drive us to achieve. Achieve endlessly and not appreciate what we have actually managed to bring into this world.

I just watched a landscape photographer, achieve his goal of climbing the last of a set of fells in the Lake District of Yorkshire, England. The burst of emotion at the achievement was dramatic and enjoyable to watch. Yet it signified and ending. Goal achieved; adventure ended. What next? What to plan for, what to enjoy, what to strive for.

BTW, a fell (from Old Norse fell, fjall, “mountain”) is a high and barren landscape feature, such as a mountain or moor-covered hill. The term is most often employed in Norway.[1]

Sometimes what gives us enjoyment is not something we have striven for, fought for, or planned for. Yesterday, it rained all day. A good day to let nature wash my truck. It also kept me inside. So today, going to may favourite park was something to look forward to.

After a long period of great heat and dust, all that was growing looked bright and vibrant. It had been washed clean and the ground had been soaked. The plants were sucking up the water and growing tall and full again. Like the plants we need time to let our soul, our spirt, be washed clean by the universal energy that is all around us. Spending time to relax and let the energy clean our mind and our thoughts is something we need.

Reiki is a great benefactor and motivator for cleansing. Reiki can still the ego mind that drives and seeks endlessly, replacing the ego with a vision of the energy that is all round us. It creates a gateway for that energy to enter us and refresh us.

If you can get out in nature, even if it is a small window box outside our window. Spend some time appreciating what is growing there. Whether you planted it or not, look at it as a gift. Take in the greenness of life, green is mostly a very restful colour, unless it is neon green clothing or a car!

Spend some time listening to the animals and if you can include water in the form of a lake or river, all the better.

As you sit quietly contemplating all this energy around you, draw the Reiki Power symbol on the palm of each hand. Do it slowly and let your eyes follow the shape of the symbol. In your mind, or, out load, depending on where you are of course, say the name of the symbol. Draw the symbol three times on each hand. Say the name of the symbol as you draw it, Chokurey! 

As you end the session, allow yourself to recognize the relaxation you have gained, and a new intent to allow life to be easier for you and not allow yourself to make life so difficult, not so much of a struggle.


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