Dawn Chorus

In spring, the Dawn Chorus is the most prevalent sound before the sun rises. Sun’s rise is the time of say we all look forward to. The shaman will cast his or her eyes to the colour of the sunrise. For the birds, in temperate countries this is most noticeable in spring when the birds are either defending a breeding territory, trying to attract a mate, or calling in the flock. In a given location, it is common for different species to do their dawn singing at different times. In a study of the Ecuadorian forest, it was determined that birds perching higher in the trees and birds with larger eyes tend to pipe up first. These correlations may be caused by the fact that both would also correlate with the amount of light perceived by the bird.[1]

As sun rise gets earlier and earlier in the morning, the chorus gets earlier and earlier. In July in the northern hemisphere where I am, getting up before 4am is a requirement.

Just as the birds can sense the increasing level of light brought by the sun, so do other animals. My cat always wants to be fed just before sunrise, another requirement of being a pet father.

We all need our sleep. We all need our rest. Time for our body to cleanse from the previous day and for our busy ego mind to have a time to stop thinking and worrying about things we cannot control. It is also the time for our soul, our spirit to wash away the feelings, burdens, hurts and laughter of the previous day and where it is beneficial, weave it in to our being for the next.

Have you ever gone to a movie or a show and come out feeling uplifted, happy, relaxed, somehow, emotionally satisfied? Those feelings, the images we saw or the songs we heard will be part of us. For a lot longer than we expect, they will have a role to play as we move through each day.

The dawn chorus is a call to action. It is time to open up to what the light of the new day will bring. The Shaman guided everyone to look forward at the Winter Solstice. From that special day in winter, the days start to get longer, and warmer. The Dawn Chorus is part of that change as it gets earlier and earlier in the morning.

Now is the time to get up and open a window so you can hear the chorus, if you can go outside, all the better. 

Sit quietly. Still your mind.

This is not a meditation in the strictest sense. You are there to feel the change in the air as it starts to warm. You are there to experience the increasing level of light, and of course, the dawn chorus of bird song.

Let all of this activity pass over you and through you. It will be like a washing of the soul. The birds do not know about bank accounts, debt, mortgages or a new car, or a car that needs repairs. They trust that the day ahead will be bountiful and happy, that what the world brings will be good for them.

If you have a book of Reiki Symbols, turn to the picture of one that seems most relevant and place your hand over it and close your eyes. Think of the symbol under your hand and allow the symbol to flow energy into you through your hand.

Think of more Reiki symbols that have meaning to you. If you are attuned allow Reiki, let its energy flow into you through your hand, both hands.

Ask that Reiki flow through you and clear our any negativity from previous days… from previous lives that may remain in you. This is an ask from you to the universal Reiki energy.

As the Dawn Chorus draws to a close, let the Reiki energy change and flow differently through you. It will be at a different level, with a different frequency as you start to get moving, you never really turn off from Reiki Energy, it is always there to help you and guide you, if you ask for it.

Now is the time to engage the Reiki Power Symbol, think about it, trace it in your mind, draw it in the palm of one hand with a finger of your other hand. Speak its name…

Chokurey pronounced “Cho-koo-ray” is used to increase power.  

The symbol means “current” and the symbol and its related words make a statement to the universe:  “Put the Power Here”.

The translation for Chokurey means “command to the universal life energy”.  The symbol draws energy around you and brings it to focus where you want it. The symbols should be made quite large with your palm over the recipient and then repeat silently the word ‘Chokurey’ three times. You can repeat the command while making the symbol or after you have completed it.  

Chokurey is a curving sword, which makes space by penetrating nothingness and filling it with spirit or power. It is the great accelerator which directs and focuses power wherever used, repeating the work Chokurey increases the power. 

Always draw the symbol once and say the name three times. The Power Symbol is the only symbol that can be used by itself and it is the activator of the other symbols. It opens up, brings in and seals the light. Draw it on the palms of both hands and the client before you start a treatment. When the treatment is complete draw it over the client to seal in the light. 

The left-hand spin activates the immune system and creates space, which allows the light/energy to enter, with it you can send light to a person, thing or situation.

Now at the end of the Dawn Chorus as the birds fall silent is the time for you to get up and star your day. Energized and cleansed by Reiki energy and by all that is in nature as it starts its day!


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