Unhealthy Relationships

The word relationship can mean a connection by blood or marriage, the latter is the usually understood reference. Relationships can be deep and intense; they can be short-lived or last a lifetime. Relationships may be friendships. Relationships do not have to be deep, sexual, or defined by being or doing things together regularly. We all, well most of us, have someone in our lives that we may not see for months or years and yet when we connect again, we can pick up where we left off with no explanation. 

The people I your life, the relationships they represent, should be supportive, pleasing and encouraging. They are there to help, not hurt you. The challenges a relationship brings should expand and help you grow in your appreciation for, and connection to, others.

But there is always the question that needs to be asked, is whether a relationship is good for you, and Reiki can help you answer this.

If you are attuned to Reiki. Take a quiet moment to sit quietly. If you are in nature, that is the best of all, away from people and in contact with birds, animals and all growing things. Special to nature are the nature angels that work with the environment to help everything grow.

Once you are quiet, spend a moment to welcome and feel the sun on your face and the breeze blowing. Think of the Reiki symbols you know, especially the power symbol that adds energy to your intentions. Now, think about your relationships. Friends, lovers, caregivers, people you know and interact with regularly. Ask yourself the question, “Is this person good for me?” and be honest about your answer. It may come quickly sometimes, slowly in others, and with others you may just be comfortable, accommodating. By that I mean there is nothing received or gained from the relationship, but there is nothing draining your energy either. 

When you ask this question of yourself, the obvious negative relationships standout, but you may also encounter the relationships that are not active any longer. Do not see the person; have no contact with them and no desire to do so, but you have not given up and moved on from them. Look at old emails and letters. Old pictures come to your mind and the days and conditions when they drained your energies. They were critical, not encouraging. Hurt you with comments that made you unhappy with your efforts to complete something. 

A bright sunny day might not be just that you still. It may be a remembrance of a sunny day when you went out with that person. Now is the time, with Reiki energy, to move on from the memories of that relationship. Focus on the relationship you prefer, what you want in a partner.

When you think about what you want, give yourself space for the feeling to grow. Think of the Reiki Power symbol and ask for energy to make the perfect happen.

Concentrate your thoughts on the flow of emotions about this new, perfect relationship you want in your life. If you are so wounded by a past relationship that they release you, let yourself feel your way through feelings that accompany the new relationship you want to manifest. Notice if you are a follower or a leader in the relationship. Are you comfortable with the role you are playing? Do you feel appreciated and valued in this relationship?

Let Reiki bring to you the feeling of activities and adventure. What are you doing? Why are you doing what you are doing? Are you appreciated your participation, appreciated by yourself and by who you are taking part with? 

Sometimes we devote time, energy, and maybe money to things we are barely enjoying to be with someone we think we should be with. It is alright for two people to do things separately but they need to express this to each other so that one does not feel the other is shutting them out.

Use Reiki to energize the good relationships in your life and send energy to the relationship you wish to manifest in your life.

Bring the session to a close and end it with a few moments concentrating on the Reiki power symbol. Slowly come out of your thoughts and rejoin the world of nature around you in the present moment, in the NOW.

Next, take a note book and write your feelings write your reactions. Some will be simple sentences recording what took place and your reactions. Take special note of the relationships that need to end, and those that have ended but you have yet to let go of. Add extra note son, how and when you will truly release these from your life.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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