We are what we Eat

We are what we eat is a familiar saying. Very often it is used in connection how a person appears and their diet. It sounds obvious to say that to a person who is overweight and eats a lot of fattening foods is a reflection of that lifestyle. Or, to a person who is trim and lean and has a healthy diet.

Food is a vital requirement of the physical body. In the simplest sense, our body is a physical, biological, machine, it requires, air to support combustion, food as fuel to be broken down into all manner of chemicals useful to our bodies. Water to help move things through our digestion system, and support our blood, which is 90% water, deliver nutrients to the muscles and tissues. 

Food supports us, but not all of it brings good things for us. Cookies and ice cream are much more fin when we layer some ice cream on to one and then sandwich the ice cream with a second cookie on top. But does a layering of vegetables, one o top of the other doesn’t seem quite so inviting.

There was a time when I used to “eat healthy” because I wanted to be slim, strong and athletic. I did this partly for myself, so that I felt good and could participate in all the exercise events I was attracted to, and because I felt, that as a Spinning instructor, I should look the part.

One of the secrets to my desire to be slim, strong, and fit was that I didn’t want to carry a lot of weight around as I exercised. It seemed such a waste of effort so if I restricted my diet only to the “healthy” foods and ate nutritiously, to meet that picture of the image I had of myself.

But then things get repetitious. There seems to be little variety in our lives. I was eating the same thing for breakfast over and over again, for months at a time because of the “rightness” of the food to meet the goals I had set for myself. When I went out with friends for a meal, I scanned not though the menu items I wanted to have, but what I felt I should eat to maintain my fitness and shape goals.

I am a guy so you may laugh at the last paragraph if you are a woman, because we all hear a lot about women saying they eat for the shape they feel they are expected to have and not for what they want.

The essence of comfort food when I was growing up was to have something my mother had baked. I knew that I could have a piece of chocolate, but handmade, at home was the best! That was where comfort food was meant to be eaten. Of course, as I grew up and eventually eft home, there was no home-made comfort food anymore. I discovered ice cream; premium ice cream was a good substitute. It was a way to think back to home and my mother’s knowledge and ability in the making of desert pies. Ice cream was a way to bring back those memories because her pies were always better with a scoop, or two, of ice cream.

Some foods became a way to recall the past, to live the look and taste of certain foods. When I shop in the freezer section and look at the ice cream those memories come flooding back, those desires and feelings about the past. You can have a little of everything you desire food wise, but you will enjoy it more if it is in moderation. Don’t dwell in the past, trying to relive the tastes and experiences of times gone by, with people that are no longer with us.

Reiki offers a connection, a worry-free connection to our inner selves, the past as well as help prepare us for the future. 

Take some time each day to practice Reiki. Sit still and quiet. Away from the rushing of life, and call on your Reiki guides to calm you and bring peace to you. Be patient. Depending on how intense your busy mind is, it may take longer some days than others. Allow the stillness and quiet to work through your body. As you become at peace with yourself, let your mind dwell where it wants to. 

If you have been looking in the freezer section at the ice cream and remembering the scoops piled onto a slice of freshly baked desert pie, let your presence remember that and all the other things that went with that pie. Those pies that came out of a kitchen from a mother who believed in cooking with what is in season. Strawberries, my favourite, were not in season in December. They were in season in the summer and with them, hot summer days and activities outdoors.

Draw the Reiki symbols you are most closely attached to over the object you are thinking about. If it is a desert pie with ice cream, that is fine. But allow your thoughts to encompass all that object comes with. The outdoor activities, in the sun, with nature growing and abundant, all at the same time.

Now as the image of the things you have been thinking of fade back into your memories, allow reiki to come to the fore. It was a part of your life them, but you did not know it. Now you know it is a part of your life today, bring the symbols to the front of your thoughts.

With Reiki there is a spiritual quality as well as a mental and intellectual side. Let it guide you to what you need to learn and practice next. Do you need a reiki session with a Reiki teacher, do you need a new book about some new aspect of Reiki? Do you need a new book to delve deeper into the meaning of something? Do you need to practice something you read about? 

Then, ask Reiki to help you understand and experience what you have already learned. Practice makes perfect they say, but it also makes things more meaningful. Now is the time, use your energies to understand and enjoy the meaning of what you have learned. Learn how to build it into your life, your everyday life. Let it be different and evolve as you move forward. Let it help you look back, not just on the desert pies and ice cream but also where you have been and where you are now in your practice of Reiki and understanding the gifts it brings to you, very day. 

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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