New Moon Manifestation

A New Moon is about energy, new things, and new starts. Power and new beginnings speak to the manifestation of an event, action, or object. A new moon is a special event; even if you cannot see it, it will be retroceded in your calendar. Usually, there is a new moon each calendar month; however, because our Gregorian calendar and the astronomical events are not entirely aligned, some calendar months may have more than one Moon.

All these new moons are opportunities. Opportunities to connect with ourselves and spend time thinking about how we want to partner with the New Moon’s energy. In doing so, we engage with not just ourselves but also our higher being. 

If you have a garden, or open space near you, carrying out the ceremony of partnering with the New Moon energy is best down outside, especially if you have a clear vision of the night sky, which itself is magical.

To conduct the ceremony inside, clear some space!

You do not need a lot of space, but the clutter of your life should not be around. That clutter is disorganized remnants of your past life; yes, they represent what is left off or did not manifest last week, last month, last year.

Moonstone, funnily enough, is the gemstone that represents the Moon. It means new beginnings; it also speaks to inner strength and growth. If you can, buy one, cleanse it of other spirits that have handled it in the smoke of a White Sage smudging bundle and keep it to use in your New Moon ritual.

After clearing the space physically, light a smudging bundle or stick of White Sage and use the smoke to remove the area spiritually. Add to the smudging smoke by drawing Reiki symbols with it if you are attuned.

Some people will light a candle in this space, but turning down the room lights if you can be just fine.

Sit quietly and clear your mind; stop that busy, egoic mind that is constantly combating your inner peace. Think of all the Reiki symbols you are attuned to and what they represent. If you have a pen and paper, draw them out and put not labels but their attributes next to them. Consider them and concentrate on them.

Now change the focus of your mind to what it is you wish to manifest. Start with yourself—your body, your mind, people and pets that are close to you. Think of health. You can think of continuing good health, or you can think of what it is you wish to heal. Let your mind have free reign in this space and time.

Think of what you want to manifest in terms of what you want to change rather than specific objectives—for example, a broken ankle. You may have been told by a doctor how long it will take to heal, what it means for your future mobility etc. 

For manifestation, think of removing pain, knitting together tendons and sines that the break has damaged. Bone’s break, but it is the strength they give you to be mobile and enjoy life. It is essential to think of what you have enjoyed that previously solid bone[s] gave you.

If you have pen and paper, write out these feelings and desires. It is an affirmation you are setting out Infront of you. 

This is a positive action, a positive affirmation. 

There is nothing negative to write, nothing negative to think about or affirm. Thinking of what is lacking, restrictions to mobility you may have been told you will face after the healing has ended sets up barriers and creates negativity within you, and that starts to manifest in what you think you can do. If you feel you cannot do something, it will be more complicated than you think when you try. If you try at all, instead think about what you will be able to do when you succeed.

Draw Reiki symbols in the margin of the paper you are writing on. Draw them at the top of what you are writing and at the end.

Clear the moonstone and lay it on the paper. Let the energy of the stone impart itself in your writing and the intentions you have written there.

Draw Reiki symbols in the air the moonstone.

Roll the paper up and put it away. That roll is your message to the universe to be carried and infused with the energy of the New Moon.

Take a few moments to sit quietly and thank all your angels and guides that help you through life. Sit and prepare with them for the month ahead, the month the New Moon will shine down on.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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