If You Allow something to continue, it will!

By something, I mean internal anger. Anger within yourself at what you have done or not done or what you have allowed to continue. Continue and anger are the key words here.

Even if a relationship is doing you no god and you end it, or allow it to end. There can be anger within yourself at why you allowed it to continue for so long.

I look back at times when I have decided I will move on from a place, people or things but am left angry at myself and memories of the situation. That anger can last a lifetime, if you will let it. The fact is, when things do not go well, or according to plan, as if often the case, we can still be angry at ourselves for letting it happen in the first place.

Reiki can be a great healer if you will let it. It can help to lighten your spirits and put the things that are bugging you into perspective and eventually to rest. Reiki lets you see the real truth and what you have learned from it but not recognised.

If you are attuned to Reiki, by all means preform self-Reiki for this, it is important to allow the session or sessions proceed as you are guided to. There is no format except to:

  • Give yourself the quiet time necessary to allow Reiki to flow within yourself. This can be in the morning or the evening.
  • I find it best to allow Reiki to heal all that needs to be healed. If I have a physical problem, such as a bad back or a sore ankle include this in the self-Reiki session and ask for the physical to be healed along with the emotional. 
  • Reiki is intelligent energy and will go where it is needed and heal what is ailing you
  • Be patient. Emotional issues may take longer to heal than that sore ankle. Emotional issues can be caught up with the egoic mind, that never ending trouble maker that likes to dwell on problems and churn them over and over again.
  • The cause of your anger may not be immediately apparent. You just seem to be angry at everything and everyone. Et Reiki draw it out so you can see t and work on it. You cannot work on healing something that you do not know is the cause.

One of the most important things in working with your emotional anger is to allow Reiki to take its course. It may not heal your anger immediately; it may take several self-healing sessions. Each session becoming progressively different as differing aspects of your anger surface and need to be dealt with.

One of the aspects that needs to be dealt with is whether you are generating anger at people around you, or, giving them permission to be angry at you for what you are inflicting on them. This external manifestation can be on family members, pets, and relatives. They mirror back the hurt and anger you are pushing out to them, which in turn amplifies your internal anger.

As you are able to deal with your internal anger, so less will be directed outward and reflected back to you. Reducing your overall level of anger. Allow this to progress naturally.

As balance returns and anger diminishes, continue with your self-Reiki sessions!

A reduction in the anger that has been inside of you is not removal of it. You may never remove it entirely, some of it may have gone on for too long or been too hurtful but you can reduce it so that you no longer send out waves of anger and receive it reflected back to you. The point to to achieve balance withing yourself and for anger not to be a part of the balance.

Be relaxed enough to accept a Reiki session from another Reiki professional, a remote Reiki session works well for this. Why, because the connection between you and an in-person session and a remote session differs. The in-person session brings another person physically and emotionally close to you, and if you are still radiating anger, you can generate anger to the person in the room with you. A remote reiki professional will not receive that anger, and they and you will not have to work with their presence. It will be pure Reiki energy.

Let Reiki embrace you and defuse that anger within you. Only if you let it continue will it, take action with Reiki to diffuse it and being anger to an end.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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