Emotional Emptiness

Emotional emptiness can be the result of several things. Loss of a loved one, a loved pet, or a material objects or objects to which we have an attachment is one form of emptiness. An emotional void had opened because of a loss of something. Another form of emptiness is the lack of something we want or need. Lack of a person in our life, such as a father or mother figure, feeling the need for a brother or sister. We feel the need but cannot satisfy it.

Another form of emptiness is a disconnect between what we have and what we expect. We may have more friends and relatives than we need but we feel they are not living up to our needs or wants. We have a higher expectation of what they can do for us than what the person is able to provide. 

This may be confusing and hurtful to us because when our expectations are not met, we can soon turn to feeling they do not think as much of us, as we think of them. Either we accept this and recognize the gap between our expectations and what the other person can deliver or we disengage from them. We may also come to terms with the level of expectation we are expecting others to be able to rise to. Perhaps those expectations are too high?

Reiki can help with these feelings and needs.

Reiki can help heal the void of emptiness we feel from a loss, or, an absence of something we cannot find in ourselves or the people and things around us.

The loss of someone or something relates to grief and a void. Reiki can help you focus on the happy memories and the reason why you feel loss. When someone or something leaves your life, it is because it is time for them or it to leave. 

Their role in your life has been important and beneficial, now it is time for you to move. An overly strict parent may have been too strict and as a result, you feel scared, but as they pass out of your life, freedom and openness are now available to you. How you will manage your experience and memories with that parent and the life you make for yourself and the way you treat your own children will be defined by your past. 

Reiki can help you through this change and forming the new behaviors and expectations you have of your life and others. Let it help you as you grow and change. The emptiness left by the strict parent can be filled with love and caring, openness and an ability to accept.

Emptiness resulting from absence, brings with it longing and sometimes doubt that you are worthy of receiving what it is you feel is missing. If you do not have a close loving relationship Reiki can help you be open to the opportunities to create a relationship with one special person that is around you.

Reiki can help you recognize what is good and fun around you that you can engage with. It will help you meet the person that is right and good for you by your being open to receive, not empty and trying to receive.

Engage with Reiki either as a receiver during an in-person Reiki session, or remotely, let it give you the rest you need to be able to think clearly and comfortably about your emptiness and where it comes from, why and how.

Engage with Reiki as a student and become attuned to Reiki. Teaching and helping others is part of your own healing process, through helping yourself, you are helping others. 

Reiki is a flow of universal energy and can permeate all parts of you. It leaves no part of you unhealed when it enters you. While the unexpected challenges and surprises of life appear, it is a constant. As someone attuned to Reiki it something loving and caring ad fulfilling for yourself and loving and caring you provide to others. As you fill your emotional emptiness, so you also fill theirs.

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