Crystal Answers

We would all like answers to questions we have about decisions we have yet to make. Should I go to the theatre, should I stay in and watch TV, is this purchase the correct one, or that one? Read on to learn more about Crystal Answers a guide to how it works.

Crystal divining or “Crystal Answers” can help with making a guided decision though the final decision is yours and yours alone, the crystal can provide an insight and an answer which you may choose to accept to deny. That is important to remember, you always retain your own free will even when you have a Crystal Answer. It is you that ultimately decides whether you go to the theatre or stay in.

A crystal can provide a “Yes” or No” answer, so the question has to be phrased so that only one answers can be true. It also has to be a question about something that is yet to happen. It cannot ¬†confirm ¬†a decision was the right one to make or not. If you bought tickets to the theatre and made the decision not to go, asking the crystal if that was the right thing to do will not work, it has happened and you cannot change that.

To use the example of whether you should go to the theatre or stay in; the questions would go like this….

“Should I go to the theatre?” The crystal will answer with either a Yes or a No.

Or you could ask, “Should I go to the theatre next Monday?” The Crystal will answer with either a Yes or a No.

But if you asked, “Should I go to the theatre or stay in” The Crystal Cannot answer that because the answer is not Yes or No.

For divining crystal answers, we only use clear white quartz crystals.

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