Crown Chakra – The Real You

The Crown Chakra
The colour of the Crown Chakra is White/Purple


Sanskrit – Sahasrara (translation – thousand petals ‘of the lotus flower’) – Crown Chakra – The Real You

Colour – White / Purple

Element – thought

Seed sound – AUM

Location – slightly above the crown of the head

Physical anatomy – the skull, brain, cerebral cortex

The crown chakra is where the ‘real you’ comes together in that it reflects the human spirit – higher brain function, our connection with the higher power or universal energy, and also our ability to connect to the ‘big picturein different aspects of our physical world and how our spirituality, our connectedness is reflected in that. The lotus flower is associated with this chakra as the actual flower is able to extend its system through various depths of water and is rooted in deep, murky, muddy bottom of ponds much as we are sometimes mired in the physical elements of this world and yet able to extend ourselves up to the top of the ‘water’ and produce a beautiful result, connection with our higher Self and Universal Energy. This chakra is depicted with the colour white however is sometimes known as purple.

Crown chakra Quick Tips

  • Represents your intellectual ability, your spirituality, your connection to spirit, God, universe or higher power
  • Blocked symptoms are headaches, brain abnormalities, amnesia, feelings of isolation, depression, lack of inspiration and spiritual crisis
  • Overloaded symptoms are headaches, addiction to spiritual or intellectual practices, out of body experiences, dissociation with the body, over -intellectualizing and feeling ungrounded
  • Balancing suggestions include meditating, praying, spiritual study, learning new things, grounding, physical exercises.
  • Yoga poses to aid this chakra – modified Headstand.

[From Usui Reiki 1 – Stacey MacDonald Angel Light]

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