They say we are what we eat… If that is the case, then what and how we communicate is also who we are. In today’s world that is a complex subject. We communicate using, smart phones, computers, TV and radio. Often just naming a medium such as a smartphone does not cover what comes to us through it. There are person to person messages through SMS and messaging apps, as well as news media apps and apps that provide a digest of what is in many different news media. 

All of what we do and say through these tools and media is energy, either we are absorbing from it, or giving to it. Depending on our role at work we may be a giver or taker through our devices. It is also true that working through electronic devices, like them, we are always “on.” Out email inbox is always set to receive, and our chat window is always open to a quick connection.

To help with all the communication channels, staying organized and deleting files, folders, and pictures etc. that are of no use to us. For example, I sued to collect images for a vision board, but I never created the vision board, so the images were never used. Are they still relevant, is the vision board still required? If the vision board is not needed, at least in the form I once thought of it, delete the “idea” and start again and delete the images.

It is easy to collect things our laptops and not organize them, at work we are usually organize our files and information so that we can find things easily. Do that at home and on your personal devices.

When we have to hunt for things we need, we use up a lot of energy.

Email and chat messages are one of the worst offenders. When my mother passed away, I went through the draw in the sideboard where she stored letters she wanted to save to look back on, “if I need to.” She lived in the generation where you wrote a letter, folded, it, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mailed it in the way to work or when out shopping. Because of that effort and the time, it took for the mail to deliver the letter, writing to someone took time and required a lot of thought.

The simple act of buying the supplies to create a letter and the stamp made you think about what it was you wanted to say, why, and how. Email and SMS messages no longer carry that level of commitment. You can simply type, and send. The number of times we send messages that have little importance can be incredible. Learn how to differentiate these, and delete them.

BTW, when I say delete them, I mean delete them from the trash bin on your device as well, until you do that, the communication is never really gone and it still has a hold over you.

Take a moment to look through your contacts, are there any you have not communicated with for while? A long while, maybe years? Delete them.

While we are on the subject of looking through our contacts, include social media, people we have “friended” but who were never real friends in the sense you shared something with them. After years of membership in clubs and societies, I find I have collected the contact details of people who may no longer be members but who I have no connection without side the club. So, why are they still there?

One thing I recommend, when you receive a telemarketing call on your smartphone, and it is annoying, block the caller so they cannot annoy you again in the future. Not to block them is to allow them to come back and consume another small measure of your energy and to worry.

Update any profile pictures you are using. Old pictures, attract old energy and they radiate “old” use an up to date images that says more about who you are now.

As we are so dependent on our devices, devices that contain batteries to store energy so they do a service for us, make sure they are fully charged so that they are ready to do what we want. I use a separate rechargeable keyboard and mouse for all my typing. I charge them overnight when I do not need them, that is they are being readied for a new day while I am asleep.

We have been talking about tools, inanimate objects. Every morning before I do anything, I talk to my guides and ask them to “monitor, my thoughts, speech, behavior, and writing and edit as appropriate.” The intention here is that all of these actions have someone look over them and help me communicate effectively and simply. 

Sometimes, it is not just about what we say, but whether we need to say it at all! I used to compose emails and other messages without the address of the person it was intended for on the To: line. The messages were sometimes blunt and expressed what I felt rather than what I should say. If I pressed send by accident, the message would not actually be sent. Since I have my guides looking over my shoulder, I find I do not do that anymore, I have no need to.

At the end of the day and before going to bed, I thank my guides for “monitoring, my thoughts, speeches, behavior, and writing and editing as appropriate.” Gratitude is always important. Your guides can help you use your laptop, smartphone and any other devices effectively and for the best use of your energy and to help you in managing the energy you receive from others through them. 

Just as my mother had a draw of letters, she felt she might need to refer back to, those letters became out of date, old, and yellowed with time. Electronic files may not get yellowed, but they are old, and no longer relevant. Either delete or archive them away, the energy they are absorbing by you seeing them is doing you no good.

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