Chakras and Crystals

Throughout history and legend, people from all cultures and continents have used the spiritual and healing powers of gems and crystals. Utilized for purely religious purposes as well as communion, physical and spiritual healing, the power of gems and crystals is intertwined with the history of mankind. 

It is widely believed that gems & crystals act as amplifiers when brought into contact with the human body’s seven-chakra points. Rotating at different speeds, these Chakra points release energies, imparting the body with its precious life forces. While your chakras can become clogged from stress or anxiety, using gems or crystals in accordance with meditation or bodywork is thought to help balance these energy points, promoting health, happiness and well-being.

While it is not recommended that gems or crystals be used in place of modern medical treatment, many people find that the use of healing gems improves their overall well-being, encouraging a more positive outlook and a generally healthier visage.

Gems or crystals can be used interchangeable for healing purposes. They are commonly chosen to aid specific ailments but many people find that they don’t choose their gem or crystal, it chooses them. While casually perusing gems and crystals you may find that a particular item draws you to it. Follow your instincts. Your body needs all 7 color rays: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; and you may unconsciously be drawn to the gems or crystals that is most appropriate for you. 

Alternatively, you may choose a gem or crystal that relates to one of your energy centers or Chakras that needs clearing, balancing or enhancing. On the next few pages we will explore the qualities of the gemstones and crystals we are using for Chakra healing keeping in mind that as a Reiki Level II Practitioner you may choose to add to your original crystal set for healing sessions or replace certain stones with another choice as you feel guided as many different crystals and gemstones relate to each chakra.

While it is not fully understood how crystal healing works, it is thought to be largely related to the natural vibrations that all crystals emit. Just think of the quartz crystals that are used to power digital watches as an example of crystal vibrations at work. 

Crystals and particularly gem quality crystals emit vibrations that affect the wearer’s body. Certain crystal or gem varieties are believed to have positive effects when utilized on particular energy centers or chakras of the body much like deep therapeutic massage and acupuncture. 

Crystals are powerful healing tools and you can use them to boost your natural spiritual healing power.  They can help with your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.  Crystals are a gift from Gaia, the spirit of our planet, Earth Goddess and no matter what type of healing work you are conducting, crystals can help.  

Crystals are filled with energy and are conduits of energy. They amplify their own energy as well as the Divine Universal Energy – Spirit, chi, qi, prana, Light & Love and of course, Reiki.

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