Chakra Clearing and Balancing

When Chakras are blocked, out of balance, or simply not receiving and transmitting Spiritual Energy efficiently you feel tired “out-of-sorts” and simply ill. To start the balancing we need to find out where the blockage to spiritual energy is. To do this I use crystals to determine the state of each Chakra in the body and then use Remote Reiki to perform Chakra clearing and balancing of each in turn until they are balanced and effective moving energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

Even if you are not feeling ill, just simply not on par with how you would like to feel I suggest have a Spiritual healing session involving clearing and balancing your chakras to ensure your life energy and that which you receive from the universe is moving efficiently in you. It as a periodic refresher for your Chakras.

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At the time of the appointment,  you may choose to lie down or make yourself comfortable by engaging in some deep breathing exercises,  meditating or simply relaxing and allowing the healing energy to surround you.

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