Confidence affects our lives in so many ways. Are we confident enough to drive a car operate machinery, to make that difficult phone call? Are we confident enough to ask for a raise or a new role at work? Do we feel confident enough to talk to that man or woman we have been secretly admiring?

An alternative word for confidence is self-assurance. But, if we are not feeling confident, what can we do to improve it?

Every morning is a new start, a new opportunity to do things, learn things, and advance our lives one more step along our life path purpose. It is a point where I can say “all is well”. I am awake, I am alive and I have potential and my angels and guides are watching over me.

So, at the start of the day I take a few moments after breakfast to tell myself, I love me. If I do not love myself, how can I love other people. How can I love my family, my pets and people close to me if “I” is not loved and appreciated? Whatever point in your life you are at, it is the soul in you that has gotten you there. It may not be perfect where you are, but it is still good for you. 

Next, I thank all my angels and guides for what they have done for me, they watch over me and help me when I as for their help, which is always! It didn’t use to be. I was aware of the “idea” of angels and guides in the sense of a guardian angel, one guardian angel. When something went dramatically well, such as not being involved in an accident while driving, I would thank my guardian angel. But it is not just one guardian angel that looks out for use. We have several and they each play a different role.

Ultimately, being attuned to Reiki showed me the path that opened my eyes and soul to the angels and guides that are as much a part of our lives as the physical people around us.

So, every morning. I tell myself I love me, for what and who I am. I thank the Universe for all of its gifts, material and other wise, and I ask for my angels and guides to help me though the day. This includes giving me the gift of confidence and self-assurance. At the end of this quiet moment, I sit quietly and feel the presence of my angels and guides and the self-assurance that is now in me. I tell the universe and all my angels and guides that “All is well.”

I carry that feeling with me for the rest of the day. When I need a boost of self-confidence, I think back to that feeling that I had first thing in the morning.

At home in the evening, before I go to bed, I sit quietly and repeat my morning session, but this time I am thankful for what transpired during the day. It is important to show gratitude for the day, and that you are home and ready to go to bed. It is important to tell the universe and all my angels and guides that “All is well.” It maybe that any negative energies you have encountered during the day are with you and that your busy mind has focused on negative things that it says will be waiting for you tomorrow, but really All is well. You are strong, and you are a thinking feeling soul in a human body that allows you to experience the world around you, even if what you see when you look, may not be the happiest it can be. 

The fact you have angels and guides, you have free will and you have people and material things in your life that help you and guide you.

I end this evening session with my Reiki and Shaman guides which have come to me through and after my Reiki attunement. They are the ones I reach out to for help and guidance and they also warn me of things that will have an unfortunate outcome. They love me unconditionally and are always there to help me, as are all of my guides if and when I call of them.

Our soul is here to learn lessons for its spiritual growth, which will be part of its karma. Difficult and hurtful things that occur to us are part of what the soul needs to grow. Awareness of our angels and guides helps the soul manage and grow from the experience of its human container and Reiki study and ultimately attunement helps with the situations that occur, and, their effect on our soul and its karma.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Gratitude for my many blessings

As a Reiki Practitioner, I respect the Five Reiki principles written down by Dr Usui.

Of the five let’s focus on:

  • I’m grateful for my many blessings

As part of start of your day, spend a few moments thinking about the Gift of Reiki and how you can help to promote and use it for the betterment, of people you come into contact with. Visualize and feel grateful for each blessing – a person, an object, a situation in your life.  Let your heart expand as you do so.  Take some time with this.  When you are complete with this process, go onto the fourth principle.

While you may know the situations that you are grateful for, there are others you do not, they come as a surprise to you, whether that surprise is a happy one or not so happy depends on your view point and intention. The fact these surprises and life challenges come to you is part of your spiritual growth, they help you grow and be adaptable and successful. When they arrive, focus on what gifts you have, rather than what you do not. Whether it is the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual world healing begins to take place when you use what you have. What you have is worth practicing gratitude for.

Your experience with Reiki, the universal energy that heals and helps all of us will be just right for the healing session you will be doing for a recipient. Love and enjoy the experience and at the same time help the person receiving Reiki. Gratitude is healing your thoughts to make you a better conduit for Reiki at the same time you are better able to help and heal the person you are conducting the session for.

Focusing on the negative in your life is damaging to your intention to do good, to provide Reiki energy to help another. It is also damaging to our mind and body because negative thoughts bring worry, fear, doubt and more worry. As the worry circle repeats, so does the feeling that you are not able to perform your duties as a Reiki Practitioner. Ultimately, you can end up doubting your ability to be a conduit for Reiki energy and the spiral continues downwards.

To promote Reiki healing, we must focus our perception on what is to appreciate and what is good in our lives. That healing can be a big help if part of our negative feeling is the result of our own physical illness. As practitioners we often forget that we need Reiki healing ourselves. Sit down and quietly start to perform a self-Reiki session, discover what it is that needs attention in yourself. Some people think of Self-Reiki as being selfish. That in some way we are denying another person the Reiki energy we are consuming.

That cannot be further for the truth. Reiki Energy is a Universal Healing energy. There is no limit to it. So, give time and Reiki energy to yourself before you attend to someone else. You will see your outlook and consciousness start to brighten as Reiki removes negative thinking from our minds and repairs start to be made to your mind, body and spirit.

Being able to express and be grateful within ourselves does not mean there will be not problems or challenges. As I have mentioned there will be many but it is how we accept and work with them, how we understand what they mean to us. Being positive and grateful for the challenges immediately changes our thoughts and feelings towards those situations. I can see that even though the experience feels unpleasant, there is some good to be found in it. Even where there is pain, there is learning and growth.

While these are day-to-day experiences, we all carry the scars and hurt feelings for situations that have happened in he past. The same approach as we use for daily challenges can be applied to old situations. Being able to release these experiences allows us to put down the baggage of those events that have haunted us until now. With our lightened load we can more effectively practice gratitude for ourselves.

I keep a daily journal, one of the things I write about is my feeling of gratitude for at least one thing for that day that you never thought to be grateful for before.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the planet, there are few who have not heard of it by now and over 20 million cases and nearly 750,000 deaths according to the most recent tally – 2020/08/10. It is also affecting our mindset.

Countries are in lockdown, or, just coming out of it and millions have lost their jobs. Simply traveling by public transit, which we were always encouraged to do to cut down on driving and emissions from cars is now fraught with rules – masks are mandatory, and we increase the risk of contracting the disease from handrails and our fellow commuters. 

I know it is informational and interesting, and as part of the greater public, we do need to know the current state infections in our communities, but it is also depressing and worrying when day after day, things show little change and perhaps change in the wrong direction. 

There is a continued stress on our minds, our souls and spirits when we see these reports over and over again. It is our mind, the greatest and most powerful tool we have to help us through the trials of this special year 2020.

As they say, “Healthy Mind, Healthy body.” When our mind is at ease and is receiving healthy, stimulating and interesting information and stimulation our bodies are healthy. No doubt part of healthy stimulation is social interaction, but we need to think of social interaction in new terms. A friend of mine, who has been retired for a long time, and who infrequently called, and rarely met, has discovered FaceTime on her Mac and iPhone and now we chat more than ever before – almost weekly. Social interaction does not mean in person, and we need to recognize that.

Recognizing that, our interaction can help with all manner of things; we can talk and see someone to discuss things that have happened if stressful, we can relieve stress with another. If happy and positive, we can share our joy and happiness. Both types of news when shared help us to be at ease and relaxed. Life is good!

One thing my friend and I do at the end of a FaceTime chat is to check with each other that we are “good” that there is nothing else we are bottling up inside of us that can affect our outlook on life and ourselves.

Here are a few thoughts about how we can look at our lives, what is happening and our feelings toward it.

Don’t resist, accept what is happening to us. If we can’t change it, why are you worrying? If that sounds too casual for a situation where you are worried about paying the rent or buying groceries, look at this way. Worrying, and allowing yourself to become stressed out elevates your worry to a new level so that when your busy mind returns to the topic, it starts with from a new intensity that leaves you even more depleted.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was to give up my worries to them and ask for their help in becoming more at peace with my situation. I also learned to listen to them when they had something to say to me. Although I am more practiced in that dialogue now, I will often sit in a quiet place, close my eyes and give up all the thoughts I worry about. I also ask for their help and guidance in matters which can be summed up as “Healthy, Wealth, and Happiness.”

Breathing is essential to our lives. We need to take in air and expel the used air. When we stop breathing, stop the process of filtering Oxygen from what we breathe in and expelling carbon dioxide, that is the first indicator that we have passed over to a new life. That is, we are dead. 

Breathing is rhythmical. When we lie in bed before we go to sleep, we can sense it. The pace of breathing becomes quicker if we are exercising. We can use that rhythm like a metronome, just like a mechanical device we can concentrate on it and reconnect with our physical being, and if outdoors, where it is peaceful, such as in a park, we can listen to the birds and animals going about their lives. All are positive experiences.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was to give up my worries to them and ask for their help in becoming more at peace with my situation. The next thing I realized was to thank them for the help and support they were giving me. Giving gratitude for help form the universe is a wonderful, enriching thing for your soul.

When I leaned that I also started saying to thank you to me. I did this after I woke up in the morning and just before I went to bed. There is a soul in me that is here to learn lessons from my physical existence. Mother Earth, Gaia, brings me a lot of good things and some that are not but I learn from all of them. I am grateful and I now show gratitude for all things, but especially for who I am.

I find a quiet space and for a moment, hand over heart, I thank “Me” for who I am and what I have learned. When I say what I have learned, I do not have a big list, maybe a few notable events of the day, or night, if I had some interesting dreams. I believe in keeping this simple, but honest, own your life and what I say, or, do not say, what I do, or, do not do they are all part of the soul’s learning in this life.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was that becoming attuned to Reiki, I can help others by providing Reiki energy to them. In today’s world, this is remote Reiki, but Reiki is intelligent energy, it is Universal energy it knows how and where to go to be supportive of the recipient. In the same way, self-Reiki, can be equally beneficial. Trust Reiki.

Perform Reiki as you would for a recipient but instead, you are the focus. Do you have a backache, ask for help in healing what is causing the problem? Did you fall and break your arm, ask for help in healing the bones? The self-Reiki session is performed in exactly the same way as you would do for an in-person session; open it, conduct the session and close it just as you would normally.

At the end of it, thank you, for taking care of you. And, while you are at it, tell yourself something… Tell you that you love who you are.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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If we allow it

If we allow it anger and disappointment to stay in our lives, it will slowly eat away at us. Become what we think and feel, rather than the other way around. When I was attuned as a Reiki Practitioner, something new came into my life. An energy that helped me shed the worries and concerns, it allowed me to become peaceful and accepting and appreciative of what life gave to me rather blaming and unhappy if what I received was less than what I felt I was worth or due.

Over the years there had been many things that had been wonderful and engaging but also things that seemed like disappointments. The latter were like coats of paint, applied over, and over again, in different colors to some beautifully carved wood. As the layers of paint build up and up, the sharpness and wonder of the carving becomes blunted and less clear. The carving in losing the clarity of shape and design becomes less attractive to look at.

Reiki energy on clearing away the layers of disappointment restored the beauty of the carving to the light of day. Once again, its beauty was on show, once again, the carving could breathe.

The worries that upset my stomach were gone, the muffled throat chakra was speaking clearly and could be heard, the Heart Chakra beat more slowly.

There are of course two ways to experience Reiki, the simplest way is to book a Reiki session and receive it in either an in person or remote session. The other it to become attuned to Reiki and experience Reiki through the attunement process, Ultimately, when you are attuned to the highest level you will be able to perform self-Reiki. 

With a new perspective, I could see why I was angry and why angry people and situations came into my life. I could see why the natural progression of life angered me.

Through self-Reiki old events, people and places that had created anger, frustration and seemed to magnify the disappointments I felt I were coming to me were still there, as clear as they had been all along, but now there was no pain associated with them. As my experience with self-Reiki grew stronger and more proficient, the less and less those old memories meant to me. And, if I encountered a person from those memories again, they did not create a sense of anger. I had been immunized from their anger, they were simply just a person that I had once known and lost connection with.

As I started to look back on my life, and compared it to what was happening now, I realized less and less angry people and places were being brought into my life. Being angry tends to create angry words and expression, angry behavior creates situations that can only create angry outcomes, situations and people. This made me very happy. The cycle of anger and angry people and toxic situations had ended. 

This is not magic! It is Reiki. Will it stop you coming into contact with toxic people, especially at work, no. But it will help with your response, and it certainly will help with how these people and situations don’t affect me. Like lightening, they strike my lightening rod which is Reiki and dissipate straight into the ground. At the end of the day, in my self-Reiki session, I look back and completely wash the situation and person away. If they come back the next day, I can deal with them again, in the same way while knowing how I must change things to rid myself of them and the situation.

Reiki is about the universal energy that is available to all of us, our soul chose to reincarnate in order to learn and experience. Our life path is the path we are walking for the soul to do experience. Reiki and that universal energy helps the life path to be less rocky and for the charisma of our soul to be less muted, less like the carving that has lost its shape and definition. The journey is about experience and learning, not how much baggage we can carry that has no value.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Reiki and Meditation

Meditation is a simple way to unclutter our minds and connect with ourselves. As we sit quietly, eyes closed, focused on breathing or some other sound that acts as a focus for our tireless minds, and the thoughts that busy mind brings to them. This time of peace and relaxation permeates our bodies through all the muscles, tendons, sinews, blood vessels and organs.

If you are attuned to reiki, mediation it is an excellent way to engage with your Reiki guides and Reiki energy. The closeness of your connection to your guides and the universal energy is important and should not be underestimated. When I am preforming a session, messages form my guides and Reiki energy are important to know and be able to understand the needs of the recipient.

The more we meditate and the more we connect with our guides and Reiki Energy, the fully and more powerful will be the connection and flow of essential energy.

To make the connection the usual meditation processes are followed. Note, that if you have a different process, follow that, we each are guided to follow a unique life path purpose, that path has subtle differences, requirements and needs. Our path provides equally subtly different benefits.   

  • Find a quiet setting, and either lay down or sit.
  • Breathing, I personally do not take deep breaths or practice breathing in any special way. Rather, it is evenness and consistency of breathing that is important to me.
  • I engage with my Reiki guides. It is always a pleasure to meet them and relax with them. The flow of energy that starts now is very relaxing yet strong and muscular.
  • My guides understand my intention and what my needs are.
  • At the end of the meditation, my guides will signify the end of the session so I thank them, and tell them I love them and slowly bring myself out of the meditation. 

I journal every day and will record what took place, my experiences and any messages I was given. I am lucky in that my Reiki guides are very clear in their messages. If you have any doubts or confusion sit quietly and ask for clarification, focusing your mind on the question[s].

One thing, sometimes I find the messages I received are revisited in my dreams that night or a later night. Make sure you journal these thoughts and bring them together with any previous journal entries.

This type of session is for our own benefit if there are messages for a recipient we have worked with, or, will work with, record that as well and decide on how we will manage that information. But above all, use the messages given to you, for yourself. You are important in this session.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Reiki Universal Energy

Reiki, universal energy. It, has and always will be there for us and through our different levels of attunement, we become stronger and better conduits for Reiki Energy to flow through us. 

Reiki symbols are there for us at different stages of attunement to help us be that conduit and pass Reiki energy to people we are providing sessions for. If as we progress and practice more, we find the symbols are not required, do not worry. Reiki energy is intelligent and will work with us with or without symbols, it will focus on the recipient through our intention to help.

Being out in nature allows us to connect with the essential energy of growing plants, animals and all living things provide by Mother Earth, Gaia.

The core of what is provided are the five spiritual elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit or Space. These are elements are also those that Tibetan and Mongolian Shaman honor and respect.

Connecting with these elements requires a moment of preparation. Find a spot, among nature, which could be your back yard, a park, a hiking trail, a nature walk by a lake. It may even be a small patch of green in the city that you can retreat to at lunch time.

Clear your mind, your thoughts with a deep cleansing breath. Inhale slowly and fully without straining. Repeat as often as needed to help you relax and feel any thoughts, concerns, distractions fading away. As you relax, you will feel Reiki energy start to flow.

Now walk around in nature, being present to the experience of the elements

Earth Element

In the past I have gone to a bench close by a large lake, there are plentiful benches to sit and quietly retrospect. In the summer I will take of my sandals and sit with my bare feet on the ground. As I concentrate on the grounding effect of connecting to the earth element under my feet and the earth element within myself, it feels as if the soles of my feet are growing roots into the ground. I am deeply connecting to the earth. I feel the grounding effect move up my legs and give me stability. There have been times when perhaps I should not have taken of my shoes, it being too cold for sandals. Still, I put my bare feet on the ground but somehow, the it is not cold, or wet.

Water Element

The bench is beside a very large lake. As I sit and watch, I see the turbulent water when the wind is strong, I hear the lake lapping at the shoreline and the rocks. I have been a scuba diver in that lake so I know that even when the surface is turbulent, deeper down the water is still and calm. Water is comforting, even when it is turbulent because it is fascinating to watch. It wraps itself around you and gives a feeling of being solid even when it is flowing all around you. On a calm day the surface is relaxing and comforting. As we lean back off the dive boat and fall in it moves around us and accepts us. Bring these qualities into ourselves. Being late for a meeting, being in an argument are not things to upset the element of water within us.

Fire Element

That same bench by the lake has allowed me to drink in the warm sunlight. The sunlight, especially early in the morning gifts a feeling of warmth and energy that soaks in through the skin. If my blood is not warm, it is after it has passed over my hands, arms, legs and face which are all turned towards the rising run. There is a sensation within my body that it is being supercharged. Nerves are firing and my heat starts to engage my sense of growth and maturity. I let my mind think about creative things, things I can use my talents and feelings to perfect and grow. There are things that need to be burned away. Relationships that are over but have not “ended” are ended in eth fire of the sun and what it brings within me as I use that huge fire internally to energize myself. At the end of sitting there and absorbing and internalizing all this energy, I feel as though I have had a spiritual shower.

Air Element

The same lake and benches allow me to experience the element Air. The lake is 53 miles wide [85 KM] where I am sitting so there is plenty of space, another element, for the winds to gather and blow. I have sat there and seen the wind push the surface of the water element into waves and then blow the tips of the waves in white caps. I watch the birds flying on the air currents and marvel at their mastery of the insubstantial but powerful winds. When the breezes are gentle and mild, they push the water element slightly against the shore line. I bring the lightness and unbounded nature of wind into myself as flexibility that encourages me to move beyond negative thoughts and obstacles, just as the birds fly casually through the winds.


Because the lake is so large at that point, I cannot see the other side. So, like an ocean the sky seems bigger than I see out of my windows. It is open, big, clear, blue, and seems to be all around me and dissolve me into it. I am so surprised at how much I can see and feel. Anger, fear, desire, worry, all disappear into the immensity of the sky, the space element. I absorb these feeling into myself, they help me grow and at the same time be collected and cool.

I am lucky to have this wonderful resource so close by that I can visit it often. Always thank the elements for being where you have been exploring and absorbing their unique values. In a Buddhist view, giving tanks like this earns merit, not just for giving thanks, but for recognizing, enjoying, and being open and aware to the qualities of the external elements and bringing them within me, to join with the elements in me, and heal and make myself better and help me on my spiritual path. 

Focusing on myself though is one part of gathering merit. Also, make a wish, a deeply felt one, that all beings, human or animal, are freed from suffering and can share the bounty I have just received and taken into myself. 

Sentient Being in Each Element

To the shaman, each of the five elements contains independent, living, sentient spirits. They are non-physical beings with whom he can make contact. The spirits may support us, deny us, or be neutral. Purchasing land, buying plants, caring for a pet all bring us into contact with the spirits of that element or that animal or plant. 

When a bird makes a nest in a tree, they are building their, that is where they will bring up their family just as we look to the land with the intent of building our home to raise our family. The bird will fight other birds for the nesting space and their nest. There are insects, fish and burrowing animals that also look to the land for their home. They will also fight for the right to retain their space, their art of that land.

Cutting down the tree, smashes the birds’ home, destroys its eggs and kill its young. Bulldozing the ground destroys the burrows of animals that nest underground. Yet these are physical beings we can see and hear, the non-physical beings we do not. Yet they have the ability to hinder the building process or make it go smoothly. A hinderance from the Earth Element might be unexpected problems with the ground, rocks or underground streams which indicates the water element is unhappy as well. Disagreements, accidents or illness in the construction team. If great progress in construction is made and the team is energized and working well together, we can say everything is going smoothly.

To assist with construction of the house for example, connecting with, explaining and asking for permission before changing the ground, the trees, and the water and animals in, under and on the land, we have just purchased. And don’t forget, a new house consumes space, and changes the way wind blows across the land where we have built. The deities and spirits for these elements will also need to be considered, and engaged with.

After we have made the changes we planned, a ritual of thanks, it can be held quietly by ourselves is very appropriate. Never forget to say thank you to the spirits and deities we have had dealings with.

Developing this sensitivity and appreciation of the elements, deities and spirits is part of each our journeys to recognizing the planet is both alive and it is sacred.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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