Healing Bubbles

Reiki Healing Energy Bubbles what are the and how can they help you, a Reiki Practitioner. As a practitioner, you are aware Reiki energy and the energy of the Archangels can come to you in different ways, and with diverse messages attached to it.

An energy bubble can be many things, each meaning different and valid for each practitioner. Generally, to me a Reiki energy Bubble something like a Reiki Energy Multi Vitamin with distinctive energies and strength of energy.

The bubble will take on a different colour depending on who and why it is being created. There is a lot being prepared for the recipient so you have to clearly focus your mind and intention on the outcome you want.

To be open to this energy you need to be grounded, spiritually and emotionally. At this time of year, summer in Norther America, it is easy to find a park bench at my favourite spot by the lake and take off my sandals and let my feet connect me to grounding Reiki energy and Mother Earth, Gaia.

Be patient for the grounding energy to make itself felt. I usually find some tingling in my feet, especially my toes, and it moves up into my legs. The sense of being grounded is palpable.

Archangel Raphael is the healing Archangel. When preforming a Reiki session, remote or in person, asking for him to be present and to join in the session is always advantageous for the recipient. If the recipient if remote form you, therefore you are doing a remote Reiki session, draw the remote healing symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen in the air in front of you as you focus your intention on the healing you are sending to the recipient.

This energy bubble you are creating either for yourself or another is an open bubble. There is no exclusion. If another Archangel appears, or a guide and they want to participate, all the better their energy adds to the potency of the energy you are creating. 

The intention of healing is to heal, so visualize the person healed and removed from the discomfort and any pain they are in. If you visualize an outcome, such as manifestation of wealth or abundance, in your mind see it completed. 

If manifestation means something for yourself, not only be clear in your intent to manifest but also tell the universe you are open to receive exactly what you ask for or something better. Declining something is to send the universe a message is dislike and rejection. Always be open to receive what the universe sends you, not what you dream you would like.

As you close the session, seal it with Cho Kho Rei, the Reiki Power Symbol to give the bubble and all that is in its potency and energy. Give the bubble your intent that the bubble be delivered to the recipient, or yourself if it is for you.

I usually visualize the bubble being an energy source for the Root Chakra. Bind it to the root Chakra so that all the energy in the bubble washes over and permeates the Root Chakra. The energy flows upward form the root to all the chakras and channels in the body.

If there are any energy stream from one Chakra to the next, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raphael together can be called on to remove the blockages.

If one Chakra in particular needs healing energy, you can send the bubble of healing energy to that chakra directly. The bubble will contain what the chakra needs to heal.

Raphael is associated with green and the emerald crystal, not the gemstone, is his crystal. Raphael is associated with the Heart chakra. You can use the crystal by placing it over the Heart Chakra, or if remote visualizing the crystal there and glowing.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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New Moon

The lunar cycle is every 29.5 days. Google the lunar cycle to see where you are in terms of the current cycle. Ideally, being close to the New Moon is best for this exercise. The New Moon, New things, New Hopes, New wishes. The full moon brings new wishes and hopes to fruition. Think of it as a Spring Cleaning of the Spirit.

Vector image of Monthly Moon / Luna Cycle of 29.5 days
Vector Illustration of Informative Chart of Monthly Moon Cycle
Image from Depositphotos.com

The moon is important. The moon is the light that made the night livable for the ancients, the nightly plunge into darkness was not so scary with the moon to shine down and illuminate the land. Over time, rituals and beliefs became associated with the Moon in its own right. Where it was in the sky, what phase of the moon all helped describe the progress of days, weeks, and a month. Astrology and the beginnings of astronomy soon took over as the human mind expanded and experimented with the way the world and the heavens worked. 

The sun is too bright to look at unless you are looking at sunrise or sunset, but even then, you cannot look at it much after or before the final few minutes. This in part is why Druids and other ancient religions marked the Summer and Winter Solstices, at dawn, not Midday.

The new moon historically has been a time to look forward to new opportunities, new manifestation and new intentions. It has been a time to look backwards and discard what is not working, what has passed the part it is to play in your life.

You can think and dream about these things but to be most effective writing things down is best. Writing things down is a physical task, even if you type at the keyboard, you need to exercise your brain to get letters into the order required to write a word that can be read by anyone. The physical action of writing or typing engages your mind and thoughts. Those translate into letters and words. Words into sentences.

Now that you are actively thinking and acting – writing, you can bring energy and intention to the two things you need clarity on. What you are looking backwards on and what you are looking forward to.

I like the idea of having two pieces of paper, one with the heading “In with the New” and the other headed up “Out with the Old.”

You may think that In with the New is most important, and it is, but Out with the Old is equally significant. 

Think of a glass into which you put water to drink. If you drink half of the glass and want to drink more fresh water you can only top up the glass by as much as you have space for. If you tip away the old water, you have a complete glass that you can fill with fresh water.

Sounds simple, obvious. We do it every day. But our lives are the same, we can only have so much of anything at any one time. The Out with the Old is the list of things that will not make it into the next Moon phase.

Start with the piece of paper title Out with the Old.

Start making a list. One line to each thing that will not make it into the next phase. Number each one. If you have a lot, consider the list and see which are connected to people and places, and what is associated with things. Things are things you can sell, throw out, or pack away such as winter clothing.

People and places need a little study. Look at why and how a person or place will not be allowed into the next phase and carefully consider why. If you have been hurt in some way, why did you get hurt, did you allow it? How could you help yourself not get into the same situation again? Once you have figured that out, put what you have to do it at the top of the In with the New piece of paper or screen.

By putting what is required within you to change at the top of the new list, the more likely it is happen. Plus, the good coming in with the New cannot be as beneficial if you have not changed. But, if you were the cause of what needs to change, express your regret on that piece of paper, understand it and consider if you need to take any action. Add what you decide to the top of the In with the New paper, it is another part of the changes you need to make n yourself to allow the new moon and the coming phase to be happy and successful.

If you’re Out with the Old includes people that have harmed you, release the energy the harm has inflicted on you. This is especially true if you have allowed the negative energy to grow and hurt you. Your ego mind enjoys nothing more than to feed off this energy and go over and over the same situation to magnify the hurt you have received. By releasing the cause, you prevent the ego mind from having anything to chew over and inflict itself on you, day after day.

By having these things at the top of the list, you can deal with them quickly and if you do it right, they should not be there at the next New Moon.

You are free to write down the new things you want to manifest in your life. Again, separating people and places from things will give you clarity as to how your life will change and what the impact on you will be.

At the end of the exercise for the New Moon, draw Cho Ku Rei over the two lists three times. If you have the ability to burn the Out with The Old paper, do so. Otherwise shred or tear it up. If it is a computer file, delete the file.

The last thing to do is clear your mind and relax as you look over the In with the New list.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Energetic Cleansing with a Full Moon

Each morning I start the day with a shower. I love the water running over me, I especially love the temperature of the water at different times of the year, cool in the hot sunny weather, and warmer when it is cold and wintry. I especially love Energetic Cleansing with a Full Moon and Reiki Energy.

After breakfast and before I dress to go out, I sit quietly and meditate mindfully for a few minutes. I slow and close off my busy mind that is planning inextricably for the day ahead, stirring emotions and thoughts about things that may never happen. Planning for all kinds of eventualities that also may never happen. 

I never doubt that during the day I will silently accumulate unwanted, and perhaps dark energies from people and places I spend time in. If I allow them, those unwanted and dark energies will affect my lifestyle.

So, I ask Archangel Michael to be present and to use his sword to cut any energy cords attached to me and to fill me with his bright white light and surround me with his protective shield.

Then, I am ready to get dressed and get out into the world. 

When I come home. I shower again, it is symbolic of washing away the dirt and grime of the day. Yes, office work can be grimy. Grime can be emotional if you are in a place that is unhappy.

Just as I never doubted I would collect unwanted and dark energies from people and places I encounter during the day. I now sit quietly, meditating mindfully. Casting off those energies but also clearing out my mind. The evening is my own, I am not prepared to allow my busy ego mind to side track the enjoyment of the time with people I care about and doing what I enjoy doing.

I ask Archangel Michael to be present and to use his sword to cut any energy cords attached to me and to fill me with his bright white light and surround me with his protective shield. I am determined nothing will be attached to me and sap the emotional energy of my soul.

iCal on my computer is linked to a calendar of phases of the moon. My computer also runs an app with more detailed information about the moon, its phases, and position of the planets and the astrological signs.

As the planets, the Earth and the Moon move around the sky, they influence our souls and energy levels. If you are attuned to Reiki, the sense of energetic change they bring will be surprising at first but familiar as many more full moon cycles repeat. 

The combination of daily spiritual clearing and cleansing in the morning an evening is magnified at the full moon. Not only is the cleansing amplified, shifting our consciousness in order to elevate our frequency bodes well for us if we focus on manifesting a better future for ourselves. This is a conscious decision to use the abundant full moon energy to bring peace, love, and joy to our lives and attain our goals and manifest my dreams.

Use your Reiki sensitivity to channel the full moon energies with awareness and mindfulness.

Each night, before I go to sleep I ask my Archangels to clean and align my Chakras. But at the full moon, when Archangel Michael has cut and destroyed the energy cords that have attached themselves top me during the day, I ask for him to remain, stand guard, and cleanse the space I am in while I work with Reiki energy amplified by the full moon.

If I can be outside and the weather is suitable, I stand with bare feet on the grass. In this way I can connect with Mother Earth which grounds me, the connection stabilizes me as I connect more powerfully with limitless Reiki energy.

In the summer months it is sunny until a lot later and the brightness is greater than the reflected light of the moon. Visualize the full moon, as you ask for your guides and angels to be present as you think about the cleansing rays of light passing over and through your Chakras, your Aura, and through the Reiki energy you are channeling.

This cleansing adds to what you completed earlier.

Take a moment to once more mindfully meditate on the energy and cleansing that is and has taken place. At this moment is not just about your breathing that is helping you to meditate, it is all the cells, and tissues in your body. 

At the end of the session, thank your guides and angels for being present. Walk around, you are still grounded but not rooted to any one spot.

Finally, Thank Archangel Michael for standing guard over the session and get ready to settle down and take it easy, if you can prepare and go directly to bed, that is even better. Do so, knowing you have severed all energy cords and used the power of a Full Moon for a deeper and more powerful energetic clearing.

Mark Ashford is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Reiki Master Teacher

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