Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries with people is one of the best things you can do for yourself with the help of Reiki. 

Some people refer to boundaries as a form of self-protection, a way of building a wall that keeps certain people, places, and events out of their personal space. This is an example of their self-respect; this reassurance of self-esteem helps remove negativity from life. The end result is they are happier in the knowledge their space will not or cannot be impinged on.

If you are attuned to Reiki, using the universal energy in Reiki to help set these boundaries is powerful and mysterious.

Think for a moment how you feel when someone imposes their will on you. They have it in their mind that events in your life should proceed at a pace they set and have no regard for your feelings, emotions or expectations. You are not at someone else’s beck and call; you are not a skivvy to their beck and call. I know from experience that I do not like and resent people who have this opinion of me. I resent the manipulation they try to impose when they feel their control slipping.

It is important to remember that people learn from you how it is they are to treat you. It is you and you alone who are in charge of your life. When you make that known, you have established your boundaries, boundaries that keep you ascending your own vibrational ladder.

Reiki is a powerful tool for helping to set and maintain boundaries. Reiki works for the greatest good of all, and ego cannot influence Reiki. As a Reiki Practitioner, we are a conduit for the flow of Reiki Energy. We do not decide what it does or where it goes, it is intelligent so let Reiki energy do its thing, let it improve our lives.

Boundaries can be created using Reiki in many different ways. 

Learn to say No! No, is not selfish. It tells others that what they are asking or indirectly hinting at it suggesting does not work for you, is not something you want to do or be a part of. No does not require an explanation. Stand firm on No if you really mean it and would be unhappy if you said yes!

If you know you will have to say no in a meeting or Infront of a group of people, find a moment when you can practice the scene, who says what and how and why. Do this with closed eyes and with a clear call to your Reiki guides for strength and clarity about what you are going to do in the meeting.

Also, think about the Throat Chakra. You will be speaking this Chakra is important. It needs to be clear, balanced and full of energy.

In today’s world, it is often the case that we will have to speak for ourselves without the other person being present. It could be a phone call, or telephone conference call. It could be an email, or a video conference call. Again, preparation is similar to the steps described previously only this time it is not a one-to-one meeting but a group. Make your statement clear and politely, do not engage in any verbal or other challenges. Tell them what your boundaries are, what you accept and what you will not. If you are speaking give Reiki Strength to your Throat Chakra. Even if you are sending an email, send energy to your Reiki Chakra. I always find it best to spend some time re-reading an email, even speaking it out loud quietly to myself.

When it comes to people and relationships, no matter how you say no, it may be that you have to end the relationship of someone you know or have known but who is no longer part of your life, but they have left a legacy that still brings them into your life. 

It is best to be quiet and have a piece of paper and pencil Infront of you. Write their name at the top of the paper. If your writing is not that clear, write the name slowly and clearly.

Underneath write – “I release this person and attached emotions and all forms of connection from my life with love and peace.” I find that drawing the Reiki Power symbol Cho Ku Rei in the centre of the page with smaller versions in each corner help to seal the words and the wishes. You can burn the paper, shred it and put it in the Recycling.

When you choose to do this it maybe that you do not have pencil and paper conveniently available. I put my hands together in Gassho and say the person’s name and the words three times. I draw the Reiki Power Symbol, Cho Ku Rei, three times as I say the person’s name and draw the symbol in the air with my finger.

In all of this, setting boundaries is not a selfish act, it an act of self-assurance and love for yourself. As you respect others it is only writing and fitting that you receive respect from others. Oh, and by the way, the same goes for family members. When we are young, it is OK to let parents set some of our boundaries, but as we mature and become adults, it is time for us to set our own.

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Reiki Spring Cleaning!

Reiki Spring Cleaning! But it is summer, not spring. Reiki Spring cleaning can happen any time of the year, it is convenient to do it when spring starts because it is a time of year, we can easily calendarize. But Reiki Spring cleaning is not the same as the spring-cleaning ritual that clears out clutter and things we are no longer using, or, the physical cleaning of rooms, closets and carpets.

Reiki spring cleaning is a spiritual event. It can take place anytime and as often as we need our chakras cleared and aligned or the worries and concerns our busy, ego driven mind[s] keep driving us to care about.

COVID-19 and all the upset and changes it has brought for all of us this year has created a need for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning. There are several parts to a Reiki Spring Cleaning.

  • Stop and meditate, or take a few moments to declutter your mind of your ego and all the worries and cares it demands we pay attention to. Let them go and shut off that tireless, worrisome, mind.
  • Unless you reread it yesterday, take out your Reiki Student 1 manual. Start reading it, refresh your mind and your spirit.
  • Read all of it, but pay attention to the Three Pillars of Reiki – Page 28
  • Read and believe in the Dr Usui’s Five Reiki Principles – Page 26

Think about your attunement, and look at your level1 certificate. Yes, it is a piece of paper, but like a door jam, it is holding up the moment when you became attuned and you became not just a receiver but a giver of Reiki. Those were exciting times, and you worked hard to study, to learn and understand so that the attunement could take place.

When you were attuned, you looked forward to level 2 and your greater Reiki journey and the start to a new existence, a more spiritual existence. An existence with something greater than you and which you could, through Reiki Sessions, share with others.

In the first bullet, I recommended shutting off and letting go of that busy, ego mind. If you have let that mind creep back into your daily life, now, in this spring cleaning is the time to practice and perfect releasing and shutting it down. It is a skill, a habit always worth perfecting.

Now that your mind is clear and your Reiki Spring Cleaning is underway. Set your intention for the next week, the next month to allow Reiki into your life more often. If you are attuned to Reiki 1, start motivating yourself to become attuned to Reiki 2, and look onward from level 2 to level 3.

Reiki is a way of life and there are many thing to learn, practice and share. Let the events of COVID-19 spur you on.

Student Usui Tibetan Reiki Student Manual 1 is available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon at this link:

Mark is a Registered Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Reiki Chakra Energy

The Chakras are full of energy, Reiki Chakra Energy… exists in all 7 Chakras which form a conduit for energy to travel from the Root chakra to the Crown and from the Crown back to the Root.

Young and healthy girl meditating in lotus position. Colored chakra lights over her body. Yoga, zen, Buddhism, recovery, healthcare and wellbeing concept.
Young and healthy girl meditating in lotus position. Colored chakra lights over her body.

Figure 1. Chakras with English and Indian Names, and colour associated with each.

RootRedFeelings of Safety and confidenceRed Jasper, Obsidian, Fire Agate, garnet, ruby, onyx, red jasper, obsidian, smokey quartz, jet stone, hematite
SacralOrangeCreative ExpressionCarnelian, Orange Calcite, Golden Topaz, orange zincite, imperial topaz, mookaite, sunstone, moonstone
Solar PlexusYellowOur personal PowerCitrine, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Labradorite, amber
HeartGreenLove and Connection, a bridge between physical body and body, mind, emotions, and spiritJade, Moss Agate, Aventurine, Morganite, rose quartz, green and pink tourmaline, malachite, emerald
ThroatBlueVerbal expression, thoughts as well as wordsBlue Lace Agate, Angelite, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, turquoise or blue lace agate, chrysocolla, Blue Kyanite, larimar, amazonite
Third EyePurpleIntuitionLapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite, Azurite, tanzanite, sodalite, Amethyst
CrownVioletEnlightenment, spiritual connection to our higher selves, others, and the divineLabradorite, Selenite, charoite, clear quartz
The Chakras, associated Colors, meaning and crystals

Young woman at crystal healing session in therapy room
Young woman at crystal healing session in therapy room

Figure 2. Young Woman with Crystals aligned on Chakras

Choosing crystals is a personal thing! When I choose crystals, I will work with I hold them in my right hand. As a conduit for Reiki energy, I receive with my right hand and give with my left. Some practitioners will be the opposite and some will receive and give energy with either hand. A crystal I can work with causes tingling in my right hand, where ever I place it.

But it is then up to me to take it home and clear it of any other energies it may have gathered from people who handled it in the shop or from other crystals it was next to.

I do this in conjunction with my guides. Archangel Michael is protecting the clearing season. The crystal is held between my hands which are in Gassho. I work with my Reiki guides until they tell me the crystal is clear. As an example, I purchased some small unpolished amethyst crystals. I held each against my third eye, and closed my eyes and cleared my mind.

Glitch background. Analog TV screen defect. White stripe grain artifacts pattern on black.
Glitch background. Analog TV screen defect. White stripe grain artifacts pattern on black.

In my third eye appeared TV Snow. Old TVs would display this “snow” when they had problems displaying pictures. Except in my mind all that would be white in the snow was violet, as I tried different crystals in this way, many would produce no effect, I bought only those that created this violet effect.

Crystals will help to focus Reiki energy into and clear the chakras of any blockages. You can use all the crystals at the same time, placing each over the chakra, or, only the crystals associated with the Chakras you are guided to.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner, and you are using the crystals with patients, clear the crystals after each session so there is no spiritual carry over from one patient to the next. If a patient brings their own crystals to use, ensure they understand what clearing the crystals is and check how they are preforming the ritual.

Learn more about crystals in our student book for Reiki II

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

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Goals and Manifesting dreams

Goals and Manifesting dreams, for the future. Things we want to manifest that have a bigger meaning for us, whether it is a car, house, relationship, a big bank balance that infers security and peace of mind, or an academic qualification.

We also have a Things to Do list, for more mundane but never the less, important things. The grocery list that has things added to it so that I do not forget something I need and it stops me from buying things I do not need. Finally, the calendar items. Every Tuesday, I put out the green bin containing food scraps, on alternate Tuesdays, I put out either the Grey bin with garbage or the blue bin with recycling.

On our journey to manifesting something we want, such as an academic credential, there may be many parts or stages we have to progress through. Keeping track what we have to do to is important to reaching that bigger goal.

With so many things to do, we must organise how we keep track of the lists not just the things on them. With our energy going into so many things, we start to feel depleted and drained. Things we want to pay attention to suddenly do not have enough energy to devote to them. This can lead to frustration and confusion; a sense of chaos starts to overwhelm us and we resent where our energy has actually gone. If chaos, lack of energy and resentment about the scattering of our energy and our soul energy is strong enough we can become ill.

The healing energy of Reiki will help us quieten the chaos and help us to decide where and how we will devote our energy. It can bring balance and reinforce our intention to have a balanced and bountiful life that our soul enjoys by bringing to us experiences that are enriching and happy both in the short and long term.

Plan forward by simplifying the way you keep track of your plans, tasks and to do lists. I prefer to use automated tolls such as the calendar on my smart phone, when I create a task or add to a to do list, I enter how and when I want to be notified. That way I do not have to devote my energy to tracking and alerting myself to this or that or plan for the next step of something.

When tasks have been completed, let the day go, let the tasks go, the calendar will automatically delete them, I have done my best to fulfill my lists when I was alerted. To give me clarity and thoughtfulness, I carry with me crystals, White Zebra Jasper always, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and others as I feel guided. They will help me through the day and with any tasks, and to do list items I have to deal with.

As the tasks appear and are dealt with I make sure to add any new responsibilities to my calendar as they appear. I do not want to deal with creating a new list when I get home at the end of the day. Remembering what you need to add to a to do list or my calendar, or creating a new to do list when it be done when it comes apparent is itself energy sapping. It creates anxiety and worry that you might forget it, get things in the wrong order, or create a to do list for the wrong thing.

At the end of the day sit quietly and thank yourself for the day and the attention you gave everything not just the things you had on your lists. Thank yourself for being you and tell yourself you love you! You have done and achieved all that you have with love, grace, and strength.

If you are attuned with Reiki, bring your hands together in Gassho and still your mind. Quiet that busy mind, quieten the ego. Concentrate on your energy and your Chakras. Concentrate on clearing and aligning your chakras so you have a powerful and clear flow of energy from your Root Chakra all the way to the Crown Chakra. Bring your intention to a having a good evening and a night’s sleep that fill you with energy and allows you to wake tomorrow fully rested. Do not worry about tomorrow, you cannot change anything because it has not happened yet.


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Episode 1: Remote Reiki Healing session

This is a remote Reiki Session for Dave. A remote Reiki session is for people who cannot be present in person to receive the healing Reiki energy. In this session, Candice and Opame, two of my guides join with me to perform the Reiki session as if the recipient were present.

If you are in need fo healing Reiki energy and are open to receive it, you will receive Reiki energy and the benefits it brings.

Episode 2: Reiki with Candice, Mark and Opame – two quick tips

This episode talks about hand positions in Reiki, specifically Gassho. What does it mean, how do you do it and why.

The video also describes how to bets clear energy or etheric cords. There are many ways to do it, but I feel the best way is to engage Archangel Michael, the warrior Archangel and his ability to cut and destroy the cords which may be attached to you. How and when do cut cords is also discussed.