Sacral Chakra

Colour – Orange

Element – water

Seed sound – VANG

Location – just below the belly button

Sanskrit – Svadhisthana – translation – dwelling of the Self

Physical anatomy engaged – Abdomen, sacral nerve plexus, genitals, reproductive organs, kidneys, and bladder

This Chakra is the source of all of your creativity, your sexuality and your relationships. Unlike the roundedness of the Root Chakra, this chakra is free flowing and fluid. The Chakra is one step removed from any preoccupations about survival, safety, and represents the instinctual sensory perception of the world.

Balancing this chakra means that you are able to allow yourself to FEEL emotion without BEING the emotion. Recognizing emotions as pleasurable or painful, whether mellow or deeply intense as simply feelings that enhance and are a part of our human journey without the belief that WE ARE that emotion – we are always our SELF and the emotion is merely a feeling to be experienced – this is a balanced Sacral Chakra.

An excellent indicator of whether a person’s Sacral chakra is balanced can be gained by the way they ‘move’. Do they move gracefully and confidently without awkwardness or clumsiness? Do they stomp around? float around?

Making a conscious effort to move more purposefully and gracefully will aid in balancing this chakra.

When there’s a problem with the Sacral Chakra, you’re likely to feel bored, listless and uninspired. You may have a low sex drive, and you’ll possibly feel afraid of (or resistant to) change. Physical symptoms associated with a blocked Sacral Chakra can include urinary discomfort, increased allergies and an attraction to addictive behaviors. These need not be related to drug or alcohol use. Shopping addiction, gambling, and issues with eating can all be linked to issues with the Sacral Chakra.

Blocked symptoms are creative blocks, infertility, sexual problems, stiffness, problems with intimate relationships, an inability to feel pleasure, resistance to change. Urinary discomfort, increased allergies and an attraction to addictive behaviors. These need not be related to drug or alcohol use. Shopping addiction, gambling, and issues with eating can all be linked to issues with the Sacral Chakra.

If you are not meditating, now is the time to start, and, while you have started, also join a Yoga studio or class. After you have a few classes under you belt, ask the instructor to help you with poses intended to help balance the Heart Chakra. Yoga poses to aid in balancing this chakra – 

Dwipada Pitham, Salamba Bhujangasana, Jathara Parivrtti, Kapotasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, Dhanurasana, Sun Salutation

Meditation is best done in peace and quiet. Hold your crystal in your left hand if you are sitting, or place it over your heart if laying down. 

As mentioned before, the color associated with the Chakra is Orange. You may sense the colour on the inside of your eyelids, your eyes are closed, aren’t they? You may feel as though the color Orange is within you and expanding from the Sacral Chakra.

In your private meditation experiment with burning incense. Palo Santo wood incense or another that you find cleansing and relaxing. If you find this doesn’t work for you, that is OK. There are no rules here.

The Crystal Carnelian is associated with the Sacral Chakra: – 

  1. stone of creativity, individuality and courage.
  2. aids memory
  3. assists with past life recall
  4. helps to find soul mate
  5. protects from anger, jealousy and fear
  6. eases or removes sorrows
  7. stabilizes energy in home
  8. helpful in healing open sores, rejuvenating tissues and cells, rheumatism, kidney stones and other kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies and neuralgia.
  9. color orange, red, brown

The Egyptians believed this assisted the soul on its journey – they wore it to calm anger, jealousy and envy. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with high energy, it anchors into the present reality, the NOW and is excellent for restoring vitality. 

Carnelian also has the ability to cleanse other stones. It helps assist with positive life choices and is useful for overcoming abuse including self-abuse It helps you to trust your Self and your perceptions, overcoming negative conditioning. A stone of abundance, it motivates for success in business and any other personal areas of focus.

Overloaded symptoms are over-emotionality, addictions, obsession with sex, hyper-flexibility, PMS, excessive dependence on others

Balancing suggestions include getting professional help for addictions and relationship problems, pursuing creativity, swimming, ballet, spending time with immediate family

Archangel Chamuel is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Ask her to be present. You may feel or sense nothing, you may feel tingling or sense an increase in the vibration of your space. You have after all invited an archangel to your side to help with your Sacral Chakra. Speak or think the problem you feel with your Sacral Chakra and ask for Gabriel’s help healing it.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the planet, there are few who have not heard of it by now and over 20 million cases and nearly 750,000 deaths according to the most recent tally – 2020/08/10. It is also affecting our mindset.

Countries are in lockdown, or, just coming out of it and millions have lost their jobs. Simply traveling by public transit, which we were always encouraged to do to cut down on driving and emissions from cars is now fraught with rules – masks are mandatory, and we increase the risk of contracting the disease from handrails and our fellow commuters. 

I know it is informational and interesting, and as part of the greater public, we do need to know the current state infections in our communities, but it is also depressing and worrying when day after day, things show little change and perhaps change in the wrong direction. 

There is a continued stress on our minds, our souls and spirits when we see these reports over and over again. It is our mind, the greatest and most powerful tool we have to help us through the trials of this special year 2020.

As they say, “Healthy Mind, Healthy body.” When our mind is at ease and is receiving healthy, stimulating and interesting information and stimulation our bodies are healthy. No doubt part of healthy stimulation is social interaction, but we need to think of social interaction in new terms. A friend of mine, who has been retired for a long time, and who infrequently called, and rarely met, has discovered FaceTime on her Mac and iPhone and now we chat more than ever before – almost weekly. Social interaction does not mean in person, and we need to recognize that.

Recognizing that, our interaction can help with all manner of things; we can talk and see someone to discuss things that have happened if stressful, we can relieve stress with another. If happy and positive, we can share our joy and happiness. Both types of news when shared help us to be at ease and relaxed. Life is good!

One thing my friend and I do at the end of a FaceTime chat is to check with each other that we are “good” that there is nothing else we are bottling up inside of us that can affect our outlook on life and ourselves.

Here are a few thoughts about how we can look at our lives, what is happening and our feelings toward it.

Don’t resist, accept what is happening to us. If we can’t change it, why are you worrying? If that sounds too casual for a situation where you are worried about paying the rent or buying groceries, look at this way. Worrying, and allowing yourself to become stressed out elevates your worry to a new level so that when your busy mind returns to the topic, it starts with from a new intensity that leaves you even more depleted.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was to give up my worries to them and ask for their help in becoming more at peace with my situation. I also learned to listen to them when they had something to say to me. Although I am more practiced in that dialogue now, I will often sit in a quiet place, close my eyes and give up all the thoughts I worry about. I also ask for their help and guidance in matters which can be summed up as “Healthy, Wealth, and Happiness.”

Breathing is essential to our lives. We need to take in air and expel the used air. When we stop breathing, stop the process of filtering Oxygen from what we breathe in and expelling carbon dioxide, that is the first indicator that we have passed over to a new life. That is, we are dead. 

Breathing is rhythmical. When we lie in bed before we go to sleep, we can sense it. The pace of breathing becomes quicker if we are exercising. We can use that rhythm like a metronome, just like a mechanical device we can concentrate on it and reconnect with our physical being, and if outdoors, where it is peaceful, such as in a park, we can listen to the birds and animals going about their lives. All are positive experiences.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was to give up my worries to them and ask for their help in becoming more at peace with my situation. The next thing I realized was to thank them for the help and support they were giving me. Giving gratitude for help form the universe is a wonderful, enriching thing for your soul.

When I leaned that I also started saying to thank you to me. I did this after I woke up in the morning and just before I went to bed. There is a soul in me that is here to learn lessons from my physical existence. Mother Earth, Gaia, brings me a lot of good things and some that are not but I learn from all of them. I am grateful and I now show gratitude for all things, but especially for who I am.

I find a quiet space and for a moment, hand over heart, I thank “Me” for who I am and what I have learned. When I say what I have learned, I do not have a big list, maybe a few notable events of the day, or night, if I had some interesting dreams. I believe in keeping this simple, but honest, own your life and what I say, or, do not say, what I do, or, do not do they are all part of the soul’s learning in this life.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was that becoming attuned to Reiki, I can help others by providing Reiki energy to them. In today’s world, this is remote Reiki, but Reiki is intelligent energy, it is Universal energy it knows how and where to go to be supportive of the recipient. In the same way, self-Reiki, can be equally beneficial. Trust Reiki.

Perform Reiki as you would for a recipient but instead, you are the focus. Do you have a backache, ask for help in healing what is causing the problem? Did you fall and break your arm, ask for help in healing the bones? The self-Reiki session is performed in exactly the same way as you would do for an in-person session; open it, conduct the session and close it just as you would normally.

At the end of it, thank you, for taking care of you. And, while you are at it, tell yourself something… Tell you that you love who you are.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Reiki connects us with the universal energy, it connects us with all growing and living things which includes the seasons. The ancients knew about this and celebrated spring, when we plant crops and things, we want to grow through the summer so we can harvest them in the Autumn or Fall in North America. We celebrate the longest days of the year, in summer and in winter.

As the seasons change, so does our energy and connection with our inner self and that means our need for and connection to Reiki differs.

Autumn is the time of year when trees and all manner of growing things shed their leaves, go into hibernation, or die. It is a season that reminds us for the second time of the year to let go things that do not benefit us. Letting go things that do not benefit us is a seasonal thing. Like leaves and plants, relationships, friendships and connections must end and we should not be fearful of the change happening.

There will be new connections, new relationships, and new friendships, perhaps starting in the Autumn once the leaves have gone from the summer. These new relationships, and new friendships will grow and flourish, what grows in the depth of winter maybe deeper and richer than what blossomed during the summer now past. 

Always look forward with optimism and be open. Ask your angels and guides for help to carry away your worries, worries that may prevent something new from coming into your life. Think of it in terms of the Autumn winds, they always seem to be stronger as they carry away the dead leaves. They can carry your worries too.

While we talk about leaves dying and falling from the trees, plants going into hibernation feel the trust in you that as the season appears to be less colorful and happy, the next year will bring back something equally colorful as what is passing. The Reiki energy is with you no matter what the situation, no matter what the season, it is just easier to see when everything is green, glowing and lush.

In the Autumn and winter make sure you connect to Reiki energy and understand that it is limitless and strong and touches every aspect of you. It makes you strong. Spend some time in a quiet space, perhaps a park bench, even a car seat with the window rolled down so that you can smell and hear and feel the energy of nature.

If you are attuned to Reiki, use the energy to clean your senses and your feeling. Believe in your own inner light, at the start of each day, place your hand over your heart and tell you how much you appreciate and love you. This is all about you. At the end of the day, do the same for all that happened that day. You are love yourself for how you handled that day. Perhaps start a self-Reiki session to ask the energy to fill and balance your chakras and take away your worries and concerns.

Reiki is natural energy that creates the life around us and in us. It will bring back the lush greenness next year, for now, it has gifts in the Autumn, and coming winter. They are more difficult to see. It is time to look.

The seasonal changes align you to Reiki energy if you will allow it, and reinforce your connection to it and yourself. Reiki learning and align you with your soul. It’s not about how long you spend in nature; it’s more about how aware you are when you do.

So, as the seasons change, as summer turns to Autumn and autumn to Winter, let go of things that no longer serve you. Recognize that seasons end is the opening for new winter wonders and a new spring next year. Reiki is there, all around you, and in you and you are part of the universal energy.

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Let Go

Every year in the spring, we clean our homes and when it comes to clothes and other possessions we rarely use we make a decision whether to let go of them or keep them for another year. Well, that is the way it used to be, I am not sure whether in today’s packed life, we have time to carry out the cleaning and let go of clothes and other possessions as they used to do say 60 years ago. Rather we go through clothes and possessions on an adhoc basis, when we have time or something sparks our need to do so, such as moving to a new home.

Even if the If we don’t let go of our possessions, one thing is for sure, we rarely go through our personal and emotional attachments. By not doing so we won’t solve our emotional problems and never be free of relationships that should have ended a longtime ago. 

Old relationships, ones that are no longer part of our lives will always bring back some form of anxiety. A relationship that failed may cause feelings of depression, anger – at the other person as well as ourselves. The relationship will never fully disengage form us if we keep on bringing these emotions and feelings back to the surface by not letting go the original feeling.

Reiki energy will help you relax and in that comfortable state you will give yourself permission to start releasing those negative thoughts and emotions and the original seed that causes them.

Each morning and each evening I open myself to my angels and guides. They are there to help us, all they need is our permission to help. As all humans have free will, they cannot engage with us until we are open and receiving. Invoke Reiki energy through them to help you clear away these negative thoughts and the emotions they generate.

In the evening I have time to add to the list of negative thoughts and emotions any that have arisen during the day. That is when I focus on the thoughts and emotions that need to be released. I especially take time to consider what these things have generated inside of me. 

Through the angels and guides, channel Reiki Energy to the thoughts and feelings that need releasing. I use my intention to Let Go of these feelings and to return to a balanced state. Slowly, the feelings and their causes will fade away and become a distant memory.

As with all things, letting go may be difficult and many things will be entwined with the original thoughts and deeds. It may take more than one session to get rid of all aspects of the feeling. Let it take that long, but always allow Reiki the time to heal you and bring new energy to the healing you are feeling.

At the end of the day, invite your angels and guides to join you in your dreams and to leave things behind that you can remember when you wake up. When you wake up check with yourself if there are any messages. If there are, do they apply to your feelings and emotions that you released yesterday or do they show you something new, something you can action or will be coming to you as a result of letting go!

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Release Stuck Emotions

Our guardian angels, our guides are with us every second of every minute of every hour while we are physically alive. They see and hear everything but will not interfere unless we ask them to. Humans have free will and unless we tell our guides we need their help, or, ask them for help, they will not take any action. Ask them to help Release Stuck Emotions.

They can help us connect with all our angels, archangels, Ascended Masters and council of guides through the earthly grounding technique. As I have mentioned before. I am lucky to live close to a large lake, I can sit on a park bench with the shoes off and feel the soil under my feet and the grass between my toes. I ask my guides to help me clear my mind so that I may concentrate on the grounding I feel from Mother Earth – Gaia.

When you think of how much walking we do, how much weight and strain is placed on our legs and feet, even a short rest where they can feel the grounding of Mother Earth can be beneficial for them and to us overall.

It is at this time I may also ask archangel Michael to be present and to stand guard over me. I am releasing negative energies, emotions, feelings and thoughts that that are not serving any purpose and need to be gone from my soul. As I release these energies and I feel more grounded, the result is I feel more at ease and happier with myself.

Crystals can help lifting the energies that are not benefiting you anymore. I prefer Rose Quartz and Zebra Jasper.

When you buy crystals, they will have passed through many hands and come into contact with a great many energies. Your first task is to cleans the crystals of those energies. This can be as simple as leaving them buried just under the surface of the soil in a plant pot for a couple of days. The remove them and clean them off and your angels and guides to help make the crystals yours by infusing them with your energy. From that moment forward the crystals are yours and should not be touched by anyone else. I carry mine in my pockets, but you can buy crystals made into jewelry if you prefer.

With the COVID pandemic there are all sorts of new stressors in our life. The person behind or next to you is not practicing social distancing, they are not wearing a mask. They seem ill but try and explain the symptoms away as being seasonal allergies. Someone at work has been diagnosed with the virus, what will happen to the rest of us?

All of these new stressors are added to the old ones our busy mind ego likes to worry about. Our job, toxic people at work, tiring, boring and repetitive work. Those are still al there, worrying us in an undercurrent that is sapping our energy.

Carrying and holding the crystals and being in tough with our angels and guides, being grounded and calm, will help dissolve the worry our ego creates. Asking our angels and guides to take away our worries will all help to calm you.

If you are attuned to Reiki a calm self-Reiki session at the end of the day, or the beginning, which ever you prefer will also help to affirm yourself love and compassion.

It can also help if you write down the stressors and things that your ego is pushing you to worry about. The things you write down will be at the top of the list, the top ten if you like to look at it that way. As the worries drop away you can check them off your list. 

At the end of your quiet time, at the end of the self-Reiki these negative energies will have gone and you will be happy and relaxed. Thank you, angels and guides, for their help and ask for their help in continuing to maintain your balance and your equilibrium. 

If you are attuned to Reiki, you can add the power symbol Chu Ku Rei at the opening and closing of your session[s]. It will add Reiki energy and potency to the session as you conduct it.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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They say we are what we eat… If that is the case, then what and how we communicate is also who we are. In today’s world that is a complex subject. We communicate using, smart phones, computers, TV and radio. Often just naming a medium such as a smartphone does not cover what comes to us through it. There are person to person messages through SMS and messaging apps, as well as news media apps and apps that provide a digest of what is in many different news media. 

All of what we do and say through these tools and media is energy, either we are absorbing from it, or giving to it. Depending on our role at work we may be a giver or taker through our devices. It is also true that working through electronic devices, like them, we are always “on.” Out email inbox is always set to receive, and our chat window is always open to a quick connection.

To help with all the communication channels, staying organized and deleting files, folders, and pictures etc. that are of no use to us. For example, I sued to collect images for a vision board, but I never created the vision board, so the images were never used. Are they still relevant, is the vision board still required? If the vision board is not needed, at least in the form I once thought of it, delete the “idea” and start again and delete the images.

It is easy to collect things our laptops and not organize them, at work we are usually organize our files and information so that we can find things easily. Do that at home and on your personal devices.

When we have to hunt for things we need, we use up a lot of energy.

Email and chat messages are one of the worst offenders. When my mother passed away, I went through the draw in the sideboard where she stored letters she wanted to save to look back on, “if I need to.” She lived in the generation where you wrote a letter, folded, it, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mailed it in the way to work or when out shopping. Because of that effort and the time, it took for the mail to deliver the letter, writing to someone took time and required a lot of thought.

The simple act of buying the supplies to create a letter and the stamp made you think about what it was you wanted to say, why, and how. Email and SMS messages no longer carry that level of commitment. You can simply type, and send. The number of times we send messages that have little importance can be incredible. Learn how to differentiate these, and delete them.

BTW, when I say delete them, I mean delete them from the trash bin on your device as well, until you do that, the communication is never really gone and it still has a hold over you.

Take a moment to look through your contacts, are there any you have not communicated with for while? A long while, maybe years? Delete them.

While we are on the subject of looking through our contacts, include social media, people we have “friended” but who were never real friends in the sense you shared something with them. After years of membership in clubs and societies, I find I have collected the contact details of people who may no longer be members but who I have no connection without side the club. So, why are they still there?

One thing I recommend, when you receive a telemarketing call on your smartphone, and it is annoying, block the caller so they cannot annoy you again in the future. Not to block them is to allow them to come back and consume another small measure of your energy and to worry.

Update any profile pictures you are using. Old pictures, attract old energy and they radiate “old” use an up to date images that says more about who you are now.

As we are so dependent on our devices, devices that contain batteries to store energy so they do a service for us, make sure they are fully charged so that they are ready to do what we want. I use a separate rechargeable keyboard and mouse for all my typing. I charge them overnight when I do not need them, that is they are being readied for a new day while I am asleep.

We have been talking about tools, inanimate objects. Every morning before I do anything, I talk to my guides and ask them to “monitor, my thoughts, speech, behavior, and writing and edit as appropriate.” The intention here is that all of these actions have someone look over them and help me communicate effectively and simply. 

Sometimes, it is not just about what we say, but whether we need to say it at all! I used to compose emails and other messages without the address of the person it was intended for on the To: line. The messages were sometimes blunt and expressed what I felt rather than what I should say. If I pressed send by accident, the message would not actually be sent. Since I have my guides looking over my shoulder, I find I do not do that anymore, I have no need to.

At the end of the day and before going to bed, I thank my guides for “monitoring, my thoughts, speeches, behavior, and writing and editing as appropriate.” Gratitude is always important. Your guides can help you use your laptop, smartphone and any other devices effectively and for the best use of your energy and to help you in managing the energy you receive from others through them. 

Just as my mother had a draw of letters, she felt she might need to refer back to, those letters became out of date, old, and yellowed with time. Electronic files may not get yellowed, but they are old, and no longer relevant. Either delete or archive them away, the energy they are absorbing by you seeing them is doing you no good.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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Growing Energy

Nature is a wonderful, interconnected and incredibly diverse system of growing things – Growing Energy – I call it! Did you know that with every plant or things that grows there is a nature angel encouraging it to grow and give it strength and energy?

Being out in nature, amongst the tree’s grasses, plants and flowers is a way to connect just with nature in the bigger sense but all the small things that make up what you see, feel and smell. Having something growing in your house is was to connect with growing things. Let’s be clear on that statement. We are not talking about cut flowers, although they are beautiful and we care for them while their blooms are bright and full, they are already dead. The roots and soil around the roots are no longer with them.

To have something growing in your home means to have soil, a plant and to be watering it and giving it the sunlight and other nutrients, it needs to meet the expectation of the nature angel hovering over it.

That growing plan will bring positivity with it. It will be good for you and what you do to take care of it will also be something else good for you. If you are sensitive to Reiki and spiritual energy, they will not bring positivity to you but they will also bring energy. If you are attuned to Reiki, this will be a bi-directional transfer of energy – from you to them and from them to you. If you have a garden, that will be all the more so. If a plant struggles to grow, it will show you. And, like a human recipient, you can send Reiki energy to it.

Send the reiki energy to them once or twice a week or if the plant seems to be struggling, every few days until it starts to improve.

The energy that plants provide to a space or to you are enhanced by the physical fact that plants are source oxygen – which we all need. 

Various folk cultures and traditions assign symbolic meanings to plants. Although these are no longer commonly understood by populations that are increasingly divorced from their old rural traditions, some survive. In addition, these meanings are alluded to in older pictures, songs and writings. New symbols have also arisen: one of the most known in the United Kingdom is the red poppy as a symbol of remembrance of the fallen in war.[1]

For an extensive list of plants and their associated meanings visit Wikipedia at –

The list does not include all plants obviously! My mother loved and cared for Afrikan Violets which are native to Tanzania, she could encourage the flowers to bloom year-round. If you are interested in brining plants into your environment, indoors or out, do some research first to understand what the plant needs. Afrikan Violets for example, like a lot of light but not direct sunlight. Soil should be a good quality potting mix, and kept moist and humidity should be high if possible, with temperature never below 15.5c or 60f.

One other side effect if you have a garden is the improvement in your garden and your ability to help plants grow and thrive.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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International Association of Reiki Practitioners Logo

[1] Wikipedia, “Plant Symbolism.”