There is no life on earth that does not breathe. Every living thing extracts and uses Oxygen. Even fish and all other sea creatures that swim under the surface of the water, breathe, they filter water through their gills and membranes to extract oxygen from the water. Plants breathe and take in oxygen to develop and grow. 

Oxygen and is a necessity and breathing, no matter the form it takes, links all living things together, no matter what form we take or the environment in which we exist.

Inside us, oxygen passes to all parts of our bodies in our blood. The blood and the oxygen feed the process of converting nutrients form the food we eat into energy to allow us to run, jump, and play. It allows us to work and challenge ourselves. Typing this blog post required energy, to think, create sentences and move my hands to type the letters on the key board.

The quality of the air we breathe has an impact on our bodies. Have you noticed how when you visit the sea or a large body of water, you feel more energized from the experience? That is because there are less pollutants in the air from the busy city world.

Breathing is an important tool in yoga and meditation. Our breathing is one of the autonomic functions. The autonomic nervous system regulates a variety of body process that takes place without conscious effort. The autonomic system is the part of the peripheral nervous system that is responsible for regulating involuntary body functions, such as heartbeat, blood flow, breathing, and digestion.[1]

Because of this, when we meditate, or perform yoga, we can use our breathing like a musician uses a metronome. We can concentrate on its rhythm to help our mind change pace and be restful, because as we are at rest, our breathing slows.

Taking time each morning, and evening when you return home, to slow down by listening to your breathing slows the wear and tear on your system form the day’s activities, especially if you are in a stressful environment during the day.

If you are attuned to Reiki, you will know of and understand the Chakras, energy centres in your body. There are seven of them. What I call Chakra Maintenance is important. Visualize each as a ball of energy rotating in its own space and interacting with the next one in the sequence. For example, the root Chakra provides energy and motivation to the Sacral Chakra, and the Sacral to the Solar Plexus. 

Woman meditating in lotus position. Colored chakra lights over her body. Yoga, zen, Buddhism, recovery and wellbeing concept.

Many different things are credited to the Chakras, for example, the Throat Chakra helps us speak clearing and with purpose. Blockages may also appear in the Chakras that prevent us from being fully in the now, in the moment. They are explained in my Reiki Student Manual I available on Amazon – link below.

To use our breathing with meditation we should:

  • Find time for it. Don’t rush through it. There are no certificates of achievement for how quickly you can complete your meditation. What is important is your connection to your inner self and your Chakras. If you cannot find the time, then it is the wrong time to attempt it.
  • The quality of your meditation is more important than the length of time you spend.
  • Consistency is important. If you cannot manage to meditate daily, then every other day. Or, maybe you will do it weekly.
  • As we mentioned, breathing is part of the autonomic system in our bodies. We can change the rhythm of its cycle only so much before the system takes back control. It must take control because of the needs of the body. Do not get stressed out because the rhythm you would like to set for your mediation is not sustained. The important thing is you have set a foundation for the session.
  • Breath in slowly and fully and be aware of your body as it brings in air. The change in your chest and the feeling of fullness, a full breath in gives you. I am not a fan of holding on to the breath because your body has to exhale the air it has just inhaled along with the nitrogen and other toxic remains of previous breaths. Holding that in does not benefit you.
  • What does benefit you is feeling that inward movement of air and the expelling of toxic remains, slowing it down and being fully invested in the process helps you connect with nature and all things around you and places you as part the living world.
  • Depending on your level of attunement you will have various Reiki symbols available to you. Chu Ku Rei is the Reiki Power symbol. Visualize it, or draw it on a sheet of paper before you start so you can look at it while you are meditation… yes, meditation with eyes open is very acceptable. So long as you are not distracted by the world around you!
  • Having an image of the location of each chakra in your mind can also be useful. I think of the Heart Chakra as being a place where I love from. I send love to people, animals and things that matter to me, even loved ones that have passed over. Throat chakra needs to be clear and energized so that I may speak loudly, clearly and choose the correct words for the ideas I want to pass on. Third eye is the chakra that helps me connect with and see the world through my intuition. Crown chakra is my mind, not my busy mind. Clarity will allow me to reason better and create intention in my life and help me manifest what I want and need.
  • At the end. There is time for peace. There is time to recognize the wonderful person I am. How I have dealt with the trials and tribulations of physical life. There is time to think how I am connected to the greater energized world. This is when I tell myself, hand over heart that I am happy, proud, or simply love myself for all I have done and the lessons learned from what I have endured.

As the meditation ends, I move back into eth hear and now. If my eyes have been closed, they are now open, but they were open all along, they are now focusing on the physical world.

Bibliography “Function of the Autonomic Nervous System.”

[1], “Function of the Autonomic Nervous System.”

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