Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting. Cords are connections. They may be attached to our physical selves, our soul, our spirit, our aura, or one or more of our chakras. They may be connected to any one or several or all of these things.

In our Reiki Manual I, the chakras are explained as energy centres within the body that give is purpose, energy, intention and motivation. A link is provided to the publication below.

Cods can be many things. The simplest is the unseen, but never the less important role of draining our energy. This maybe a relationship, a colleague at work or friends. They have a need and in us they see a source of energy to fill them. They take energy form us rather than deal with the issues and problems they face by themselves. It maybe that they have become so used to a situation that drains their energy that they see the answer to the problem being to take energy from another.

These cords are draining and destructive to us. They should be cut. The energy within our physical selves, our soul, our spirit, our aura, or one or more of our chakras is for us, it is precious and we need to take care of it and the part of our presence they are attached to.

There are cords that are beneficial to us such as our connection with a loved one or a very loved pet. The cords may also attach to things that give us great energy and are uplifting for us. These cords can and should remain because the energy given to us by a loving relationship or a solid friendship is given freely and we respond to it mutually by giving back.

There are many different ways to cut cords. I prefer to call on Archangel Michael. He is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran systems of faith, he is called Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Michael. In the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox religions, he is called Saint Michael the Taxiarch. In other Protestant churches, he is referred to as Archangel Michael. [1]

In the New Testament, Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude, Michael is specifically referred to as “the archangel Michael”. Sanctuaries to Michael were built by Christians in the 4th century, when he was first seen as a healing angel. Over time his role became one of a protector, and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil. [2]

There are many ways to cut the cords that are draining us, my preferred way is to ask the archangel to use his sword to cut the cords. At the moment I ask for his help I visualize cords that are draining me. I do not visualize any specific places of attachment, or the damage the cords may be doing. The Archangel is well able to identify the cords and deal with them. 

At the end I ask him to fill me with his divine white light and surround me with his protective energy to help ward of any further attachments. 

Finally, I thank him for the cord cutting.

Usually when I follow this process, I am sitting quietly at home, in the morning before the full start of my day, or, in the evening at the end of the day. But there are times, during the day, after I have interacted with a person or situation that is obviously toxic and not beneficial to me. I will mentally go through the process, even if it means doing so at the back of an elevator! Yes, an elevator. My feeling about what I had been involved with was so negative that I felt I needed his help right there and then.

The archangel Michael is limitless, he can be in all places at all times, helping people that call on him for help. So, don’t feel that you have to have a special timeslot to ask him for help. Just ask!

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