Breaking Faith with your Dreams

We all have dreams. Dreams are wishes. They are things we want to happen and sometimes, things we do not want to happen. Lean about Breaking Faith with your Dreams.

There is a great emphasis in modern life on one of two things; luck, or hard work, and both seem to be exclusive. 

Do we work long hours, or devote physical labour to something in order to make it real. This may mean giving up something important, a relationship, somewhere to live, or something that might improve our life.

My parents were often concerned about where they worked, a promotion, or some material benefit that would translate into a better and more comfortable retirement. 

In other words, their life up to their retirement was geared around children and a home but as years moved on their focus was their retirement. The sense of living for their soul’s happiness was not present. 

Writing down what you wish to manifest in your life, or creating a vision board are two ways to give life, reality to what you wish to occur in your life. It is a way for sending those wishes to your angels because they have a big role to play in bringing those wishes into your life. 

Detail, detail, detail. Detail in your vision board doesn’t mean clipping pictures from a magazine. I know this is the traditional way to create a vision board. But, if you clip an image of an engagement ring or a car or a house and when the ring, car or house is manifested and does not match the picture on your vision board will you turn it down because it doesn’t look like the image? 


You accept it because it was sent by your angels, from the universe, and is suitable for your needs now, and tomorrow. It could be better than your vision board, it could be in a form you had not considered or found in any picture.  

My vision board is covered with very poorly drawn stick figures and very rough drawings of things that I want to manifest. You would laugh if you could see it. Some of the drawings show me as a stick figure doing things that I will work on when I retire from my current business and the time I spend on it is freed up. 

When I write out what appears on my vision board. I am challenged to express what I want to manifest in words. I am brief in my wording. Instead of a referring to a brand, or model, I just say, “a new vehicle’ and the colour blue. 

So back to my parents if they had a vision of what they wanted I never knew because they were geared to focus on ensuring their retirement years were well provided for. They felt a lot of pressure use the time they had available to securing life after work. What they would do when they retired, that was never explained. 

When first to my father and then my mother retired, life seemed to be more of the same but without the need to go to work. The time commuting and working became a void in their day that certainly my father had trouble filling. 

Draw those stick figures on a large sheet of paper, write out what it is you would like to manifest but make those things short term, this year, next year, possibly three or four years, no more. To not mortgage your current existence for some future that may not live up to what you imagine. 

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