Blue Moon Thankfulness

Being aware of celestial events and happenings such as a Blue moon is important. Celestial events such as this are dates when things happen in the cosmos that affect us and are also opportunities to gather energy from the universe and which help us in our lives, both physically and Spiritually.

There is a Blue Moon on October 31, 2020. It’ll be called a Blue Moon because it’ll be the 2nd of 2 full moons in a single calendar month. October 31st is also Halloween, a time when the energy of the spirt world is closest to ours.

The Moon is not Blue, of course, it is still silvery white and reflecting the light of the sun down on us to brighten our evenings. So, if you see images of the moon that show it as being blue, the image was taken or manipulated with blue filters.

But you may see a Blue Moon when conditions are right. A Blue Moon in this case is caused by smoke and dust particles in the Earth’s atmosphere that scatter the red wavelengths in light coming from the moon. The result is blue light making through the smoke and haze. 

The Blue Moon may also be defined another way, as the third of four full moons in a single season, with a season being between a solstice and equinox. The next seasonal Blue Moon will be August 22, 2021.

When you are attuned to Reiki, you recognize that New Moons are time to meditate and engage with Reiki energy to plant the seeds of manifestation and Full Moons are the time when to reap the harvest from those seeds. A Blue Moon is one special time to make sure the seeds you planted are ready to be harvested and above all, you are open to receive what you have manifested.

At the New Moon, take a piece of paper and write down clearly what it is you wish to manifest. Do not number them because what you are trying to manifest may not appear in the order you write them down.

What you write may include what you do NOT want to happen as well as what you DO want to happen.

Place the piece of paper with your pen resting on it on a window sill where it is in the light of the full moon. Do not worry about clouds and mist, the New Loon is still up there, shinning down on us even if we cannot see it.

Take a quiet moment to meditate on what you have written and be open to Reiki energy infusing the paper and your manifestation desires. If you are attuned to Reiki, speak to your guides to help you with manifestation and being clear on what it is you are asking the Universe to gift you. 

In the morning, roll up the piece of paper like a scroll, do not fold it! Put the scroll away.

Moons such as Blue Moon’s or Blood Moons, are associated with a color. The Chakra symbols have a distinctive color. The Root Chakra is Red, the Blood Moon. The Throat Chakra is Blue, the Blue Moon. The Crown Chakra is Purple, and closest to the Pink Moon.  The Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow, the Yellow Moon. The Sacral Chakra is Orange, the Orange Moon.

On the evening of the full moon, take out the scroll and rest it on the window sill and meditate for a moment on manifestation in general, not anything specific you have written on the paper.

For example, you may want a new vehicle, it may have certain attributes, such as seating you and all your family with all the stuff they usually take with them. It might be really nice if it could be a certain color or a certain style. These things do not speak to the make or model, color or manufacturing year. Be open to the universe gifting you what you need, not necessarily what you have asked for.

It is also time to think of the color of the moon and the Chakra associated with the color.

For the Blue Moon, and your Throat Chakra, channel Reiki energy through your Reiki Guides into that Chakra. Sit quietly, clear busy mind from your thoughts and meditate on the Chakra and the color blue and Blue Moon above you. Call in Reiki Energy and the energy of the moon. With the index finger of one hand, draw the Reiki Power Symbol Chokurey. Focus on te energy it gives you and your meditation.

The Throat Chakra engages – throat, trachea, esophagus, neck, thyroid gland, cervical spine, mouth, jaw, teeth

This chakra is centre for communication, sound, vibration and the TRUTH. Clear expression through vocal expression, drawing, writing and/or musical ability as well as good listening abilities are all part of this balanced chakra. Speaking your truth, hearing and UNDERSTANDING the truth in what others are saying are continued strengths here. Honouring the vibration and rhythm of your voice [spoken voice, written voice, musical voice] aids in the healthy balance of your Throat chakra.

Represents your ability to communicate, express yourself, listen, speak truth, hear the truth, and understand the meaning behind and beyond words

Blocked symptoms include a weak voice, laryngitis, throat pain, neck pain, stiff neck, jaw pain, hypothyroidism, dental problems, writers block, lack of musical ability and problems expressing yourself, there is an inability to say what you really want to say. You may feel like you’re stuck holding onto secrets. Similarly, you may believe that people don’t want to hear your thoughts, or that you can’t find the right words for your feelings. 

Once again, a small blockage may mean you only struggle with self-expression at work, or with a particular friend. Meanwhile, a significant misalignment may mean you constantly feel thwarted in communication. Physically, a blocked Throat Chakra may present with pain in the neck, sensitivity to hormone fluctuations, and discomfort in throat tissue.

Universal Reiki Energy, the energy of the Blue Moon, have come together to help you with any blockages of your Throat Chakra and also Manifestation. Now take up the scroll and open it. Have a look at what you asked the universe to help manifest. Do not be critical of anything requested that has not appeared. 

Using the vehicle example again. If you went shopping for a vehicle but you did not find one suitable for all that is in your list of needs, that is positive. Buying something less than what you want, or need, will not benefit you and will bring with it continual dissatisfaction. You do not need that negativity.

Roll up the scroll and put it away again and take it out at the next full moon!

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level I and Level II Student Manuals

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