Reiki connects us with the universal energy, it connects us with all growing and living things which includes the seasons. The ancients knew about this and celebrated spring, when we plant crops and things, we want to grow through the summer so we can harvest them in the Autumn or Fall in North America. We celebrate the longest days of the year, in summer and in winter.

As the seasons change, so does our energy and connection with our inner self and that means our need for and connection to Reiki differs.

Autumn is the time of year when trees and all manner of growing things shed their leaves, go into hibernation, or die. It is a season that reminds us for the second time of the year to let go things that do not benefit us. Letting go things that do not benefit us is a seasonal thing. Like leaves and plants, relationships, friendships and connections must end and we should not be fearful of the change happening.

There will be new connections, new relationships, and new friendships, perhaps starting in the Autumn once the leaves have gone from the summer. These new relationships, and new friendships will grow and flourish, what grows in the depth of winter maybe deeper and richer than what blossomed during the summer now past. 

Always look forward with optimism and be open. Ask your angels and guides for help to carry away your worries, worries that may prevent something new from coming into your life. Think of it in terms of the Autumn winds, they always seem to be stronger as they carry away the dead leaves. They can carry your worries too.

While we talk about leaves dying and falling from the trees, plants going into hibernation feel the trust in you that as the season appears to be less colorful and happy, the next year will bring back something equally colorful as what is passing. The Reiki energy is with you no matter what the situation, no matter what the season, it is just easier to see when everything is green, glowing and lush.

In the Autumn and winter make sure you connect to Reiki energy and understand that it is limitless and strong and touches every aspect of you. It makes you strong. Spend some time in a quiet space, perhaps a park bench, even a car seat with the window rolled down so that you can smell and hear and feel the energy of nature.

If you are attuned to Reiki, use the energy to clean your senses and your feeling. Believe in your own inner light, at the start of each day, place your hand over your heart and tell you how much you appreciate and love you. This is all about you. At the end of the day, do the same for all that happened that day. You are love yourself for how you handled that day. Perhaps start a self-Reiki session to ask the energy to fill and balance your chakras and take away your worries and concerns.

Reiki is natural energy that creates the life around us and in us. It will bring back the lush greenness next year, for now, it has gifts in the Autumn, and coming winter. They are more difficult to see. It is time to look.

The seasonal changes align you to Reiki energy if you will allow it, and reinforce your connection to it and yourself. Reiki learning and align you with your soul. It’s not about how long you spend in nature; it’s more about how aware you are when you do.

So, as the seasons change, as summer turns to Autumn and autumn to Winter, let go of things that no longer serve you. Recognize that seasons end is the opening for new winter wonders and a new spring next year. Reiki is there, all around you, and in you and you are part of the universal energy.

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