Are you ready for the Cocoon?

Life, contrary to what we believe about time is not a straight line, it is not linear. We count our birthdays, 20 follows 19 and 21 follows 20, 9am follows 8am, but the way we grow and develop personally, how our internal spirit evolves changes sometimes by leaps and bounds. At other times, it develops slowly, almost methodically. 

It is the time after a period of intense creativity, or action, when what we have been doing cannot continue as it has been, or even should continue, that we suddenly slow down and perceive what we call ‘burn out.’ Some would call it a ‘brick wall.’ We stop and for some this is a crisis. Without the sense of drive, without the sense of achieving, we feel lost, we sometimes do not understand why this has happened and we look for something we have done, or not done. Often, we feel we have failed.

I challenge the terms burn out, brick wall, or failure because we are not asking ourselves whether we thought and believed the pace and intensity you were living at would last, could last, or should last? 

Life has a way of stopping you from continuing doing things that are not in your spiritual best interest. Trying and force it to continue is destructive to what you have achieved and delays what you could. 

The ‘stop’ may be leisurely, or shocking. Something leisurely might be something we expect, something that we expect. For example, an actor in a production knows when their character will no longer play a part in the drama, and if their character is going to the end of the production, they know when that will be. But someone who has worked at a job, and they are let go, downsized, that is a shock.

Being sensitive to the changes coming to our lives, and seeing not the negative but the positive, the opportunity to develop and grow in a different direction is important to how we are accepting of the change that is coming regardless of whether it is organised and expected or a shock.

Imagine you are a bird, high in the sky, looking down on yourself. What do you see? What is it about you that stands out the most? What defines you and what is it you are devoting your energy, yourself, that essential spirit in you to and how are you giving it to your goals?

Think of a caterpillar that spins a cocoon and enters it. It comes out as a butterfly. The caterpillar does not resist going in to the cocoon. It may not know what it will turn in to, it just knows that the cocoon is the next step in its existence. You have achieved a lot as a caterpillar, but as a butterfly, you will be more beautiful, you will fly higher, and longer and further than the caterpillar could ever have done.

Be patient, do not wish for what has been to continue, instead, look at what is to come and use your sense and ability to detect what the next phase will be. It is there, staring you in the face, you just have to stop wishing for the past to continue and be prepared to accept what you will evolve in to.