Adding energy

As a Reiki professional – a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, I like to find new ways to add energy, to energize myself. 

Energy can come in many ways, courses, workshops and group meetings where I can sense the energy vibrations of others. But there are other ways to energize myself. 

By a lake near me I have “my spot” somewhere I call mine but is really a public location with a comfortable public bench. It is on one of the public pathways but few if any people seem to get to. I can sit there, watch the sun come up, watch the water, and all the birds flying in the air. I feel the breeze, I can sense the nature angels as they encourage the plants, trees and flowers to grow. Best of all, I can commune with my personal angels and guides.

The whole ecosystem in the park is based on natural growth with minimal human intervention. I love it and it is a place I have taken many photographs and spent a lot of time looking at the insects that inhabit the place.

There is also a highbacked chair in my home office that never strays from in front of my computer. It is where I write, where I edit my images and when I have sot a video about Reiki or Shamanism, or recorded a Podcast I can work on them so I can share them with the world.

Just sometimes, there are people walking in the park that I start a conversation with. They are energized and open. They are interested and invigorated by the same things as me but their connection may be a little less spiritual.

The park is a good place to perform a self-Reiki session. Nature, life, and all kinds of giving are all around you in nature, a flow is giving, it is giving nectar, scent, pollen and beauty. Drink up that energy. For those of us on the Reiki path, regular Reiki self-healing is certainly one of the easiest ways to use the time at “my spot.” The energy around me is abundant and the connection with my guides, that more intense. 

Such places, a bench by the water of a large lake, or at a computer, are special places. At the bench I receive and learn to understand the abundance around me and how it helps me. At the computer, I learn to share, to provide, to give. I learn to express ideas, thoughts and experiences in ways that others can comprehend.

Think of ways you can absorb the core energy of the universe that is Reiki and then share it with family and friends. If you are attuned, the added energy in your sessions will help you’re your recipients and yourself as there will be more to give.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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