A Vision Board…

A vision board is a creative way to visualize the things you desire to manifest in your life.

Over the years I have created many vision boards, including ones that are text only. Some are image only and one that used software and payed back images and text as a “video.”  

The intention behind the vision board is that by creating it you solidify in your mind what you want to manifest. It is an act of reinforcement and communicating your desires to your angels and guides.

Vision boards can be for any purpose. The three big questions and desires most of us have are health, wealth, and happiness.

Wealth, a pot of gold! I envisaged wealth as a pot of gold, and where do you find post of gold usually? At the end of a rainbow. So, I found images of rainbows and pots of gold, I even printed out the claim form of a lottery corporation and put them all together on my vision board.

Health, for health I printed out pictures of myself when I was a lot less heavy and in better health. I watched YouTube videos of landscape photographers hiking long distances to take their images and wished to have good health and to be able to walk long distances like they did and photograph landscapes. 

Happiness, means a female companion. I printed images of women that had the style or type that I felt I could live and like as a companion.

The images were all glossy, clean and I have a magnetic clip board so I could put them up in combinations that seemed to speak my needs and intentions at the time.

However, desires are not stand alone needs, they interconnect with each other. Wealth would change my life styles, health and relationships, without recognizing them as being connected, I would not see how my life would change if each of them, or all of them were fulfilled.

Some will recommend that a vision board be very specific. A wedding wring with a particular stone setting might be desirable, but if your intended partner provides something different, accept it and do not be disappointed that the image has not turned into reality. It is the appearance of a ring that is important, not its style.

My most recent vision board has no immaculate images, it is all on one large sheet of paper, and rather than pictures of rainbows and pots of gold etc., it is hand drawn with stick figures and crude shapes. 

As I drew each for my vision board I realized there were smaller things that needed to be included. With a companion I take a much needed and better holiday than going on my own. 

I drew a circle around each and showed how each connected to the other and those all connected to something else, rather like laces that close a shoe, the connections closed the small and big pictures into a whole. 

I appear in each circle as a simple stick figure with the word ‘Happy’ next to me.

Things like health are indicated by simple words, ‘fit, trim, and healthy.’ The earlier board with images of me as I was in the past did not represent the now or the future. I am not interested I trying to relive or recreate an old me, I am interested in the new me that will come into existence.

The vision board in the end should not be perfect, it is the unexpected that brings amazing things to our lives. The risk of a perfect vision board is that what we receive may not match what we see on the wall. Remember to be accepting and not disappointed because life did not live up to a perfect image. Most definitely, do not ignore what is given to you.