Self-Reiki session every morning is how I start my day

A Self-Reiki session every morning is how I start my day. I feel it is the best way to start the day and here’s why.

First, the session I carry out happens after all the early morning chores are completed. The cat’s litter box is cleaned out, I have had breakfast and for me, most important, I have had a shower. A shower for me at the start of the day is a marker that a new day is starting and I am ready for it.

At the end of the day, the shower means the work day is done, the time I have to devote to someone else is over and the rest of the evening is for me, for my purposes, for my soul and spirit.

So now I sit quietly, and prepare for the Self Reiki session. It is very much the same as performing a remote session for clients and friends. Archangel Michael is present to safe guard the session from dark and lower energies. My angels, Archangels, ascended masters and mistresses and council of guides are present. My guides and Reiki Guides are present. With this session, because it is a self-directed session, HSN is not required nor are the other symbols such as Sei He Ki.

As with all my sessions I concentrate on the things my guides in conjunction with my Reiki guides tell me need attention. I also concentrate on aches, pains, and other things that have manifested themselves since the day before. We all have ailments that seemingly appear out of the blue and this is time to deal with them.

Blocks that stall new things coming in to our lives, wealth, relationships happiness etc., Perhaps the big thing to think about as the session ends is being open, being open to asking all your angels and guides for help. We all need assistance in some way every day, now is the time to ask your angels and Archangels for it. Be clear about what you are asking for. They cannot provide help if they do not know what it is they are expected to help with/to achieve.

Finally, at the end of the session, send it to yourself with energy and conviction. CHOKUREY ist he traditional Tibetan Reiki Power Symbol and translates as PLACE THE POWER HERE, that is in you.

As you wrap up, do as you do for any other session, thank the Archangel Michael for guarding the session, all your angels and archangels and guides for being present and helping.

Some mornings the session only takes me 10 to fifteen minutes, it is not long and it is also a relaxing time.

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