A New Moon and a Wish

A New Moon and a Wish. New Moons are special events. They are very good for focusing our intention on manifesting new things in our lives. Whether it is something material, maybe a new car or deeply personal such as a relationship. A new Moon is a good time to concentrate on it and get your wish in tune with the phases of the moon.

It’s very simple really. Yiu plant a wish in the rich energy of the Moon, Reiki energy and the wonderful energy of Mother Earth. These higher energies will look after the wishes on your  list.

How to make a wish on a New Moon:

Vector image of Monthly Moon / Luna Cycle of 29.5 days
Vector Illustration of Informative Chart of Monthly Moon Cycle

Take a piece of paper and draw the Power Symbol Chokurey, at the top in the centre, at the top of each corner and at the bottom in the middle.

Make a list. Make it a simple list. This is your New Moon and a Wish. A new blue car, this is not the time for make and model information. Just the fact the car is new and it is blue.

On the reverse of the paper draw any symbols you are attuned to. If you are a Level One practitioner, you will not be attuned to any symbols. So, draw Chokurey. You are not attuned to this level of symbol, you are recording your contention for the symbol to add Reiki energy to your wishes.

Reiki Symbol CHO KU REI
The first Reiki symbol CHO KU REI. Its main values: “God is here” and “Direct the energy at a given point”. Vector illustration

With the finger of one hand, the one you write with. Draw Chokurey on the palm of each hand. Make sure your finger tip touches the palm so you can feel the symbol being drawn.

Place sheet of paper, unfolded between your hands. Close your eyes and visualize the symbols and penetrating the paper and your wishes.

If you have a garden, sprinkle some earth on the paper and seal the paper with the sprinkles in an envelope. As you do so, ask Mother Earth to help the wishes grow into what you have in mind for them.

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