2020 has been a difficult year. Even if you, personally, did not encounter difficulties, you know people who did and probably still are. Lockdowns and restrictions on activities have affected our ability to enjoy the sunlight of spring, summer and fall. The snow and brisk cold of winter that is enjoyable on winter walks or snow shoes or Skis, simply did not happen for many of us. 

Taking breaks into the countryside for a long weekend “to get away from it all,” and destress have not happened either.

Some of these restrictions have brought on feelings of frustration, anger and loneliness.

Now we have entered 2021, we all wonder what it will bring, we hope it will bring a sense of release and peace we have not felt for a long time. Above all, this New Year is loaded with expectations and hopes for a release of toxicity that surrounds us, we hope for positivity, happiness and a return to activities we enjoy.

I am not a fortune teller so I cannot promise any of this. No one can. But we can, with the help of Reiki, take time to bring into our souls the energy of the universe.

Take time to prepare the space where you will “Bring in 2021.” And, no it does not have to be done on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, the following can be performed at any time of the year. It may also be done many times during the year to reinforce release of the old and engagement with the new.

Smudge or clear your space. If it is your home, smudge and/or clear the entire house. Go behind every door, into every corner, into every cupboard, under every bed, into every closet and space where dark or lower energies may hide.

If you are unsure of what smudging or clearing your space means, we have a separate blog posting for that.

If you are attuned to Reiki, you can now sit and take a moment of peace and quiet to engage with the energy. Still your busy egoic mind. Above all, if you have any worries that the mind is repeating over and over, now is the time to stop it and stop those thoughts.

Ask Archangel Michael to be present. He is always available and limitless in energy. Ask him to use his word and shielded to protect the session you are creating form interference by dark or lower energies, or any energies that try to disrupt the session.

Ask the Archangel to cut and destroy any etheric cords of negativity attached to your spirit, soul, aura, heart, or physical being. I am a bit more emphatic and ask that he cut and destroy the cords. These cords I see as being like the arms of an octopus complete with its suckers. They take hold and will not release. The source of the cords I am also not interested in being reconnected to in any way, shape or form.

At the end of this part, ask the Archangel to surround you with his protective energy and fill you with is pure white light.

Once you are quiet and engaged with Reiki energy, reinforce the connection with Reiki Symbols. Which symbols are available to you will depend on the level to which you are attuned? 

Place your hands in Gassho. Gassho literally means “two hands coming together”. Dr. Usui taught a Gassho Meditation at the start of each of his Reiki meetings and is meant to be practiced daily by those who have learned 20-30 minutes each day either in the morning or before going to bed. 

When doing Gassho, sit with closed eyes and hands placed together in front of your chest. Focus your entire attention at the point where the two middle fingers meet. Try to forget everything else. If your mind wanders merely observe the thought and then let it go. Simply relax and maintain your focus on where your middle fingers meet. 

You may notice your backbone or your hands becoming warm however after noticing, return your attention to where your two middle fingers meet. If you must change your sitting position, then move in slow motion deliberately.  Maintain an upright posture and think that your head is attached to a helium balloon in order to accomplish this. You may sit also in a straight back chair or against a wall also.

Visualize the Reiki Power Symbol Hunshazishuneen pronounced “Hone sha say show nun”. This symbol carries the meaning of “The Divine Power in me greets the Divine Power in you to promote enlightenment and peace”. The direct translation is “The Buddha in me sees the Buddha in you”. This symbol transmits Reiki across distance, space and time and is used primarily for distance healing. 

If you wish, you may use a finger of one hand to draw the symbol on the palm of your other hand, or in the air in front of you.

Bring your mind back to 2020, events, people, emotions, and things that happened. Do not dwell on the events, people, places or feelings. The important things is to recognize the negative feelings and any baggage that you are carrying into this New Year.

Concentrate on release. Release the negativity. Release the baggage. If it helps, think of release like spring cleaning the home. It is a time of clearing away things that no longer serve you.

Concentrate on 2021. Now si the time to make sure there is no baggage and negativity that has made it into the New Year. Be bold and think. The New Year is such a bright and bold, mysterious place that not even Oracles can really tell you for certain what it will hold for you.

Let the energy flow into your hopes, plans, and thoughts for yourself, those close and dear to you and your wider family and friends. 

Sit still and allow Reiki energy to flow. Inhale it, and breath in the strength and energy of the universe and let it wrap around all that you feel is possible for 2021.

At the end of the session, draw Chokurey pronounced “Cho-koo-ray” is used to increase power.  The symbol means “current” and the symbol and its related words make a statement to the universe:  “Put the Power Here”.

The translation for Chokurey means “command to the universal life energy”.  The symbol draws energy around you and brings it to focus where you want it. The symbols should be made quite large with your palm over the recipient and then repeat silently the word ‘Chokurey’ three times. You can repeat the command while making the symbol or after you have completed it.  

Chokurey is a curving sword, which makes space by penetrating nothingness and filling it with spirit or power. It is the great accelerator which directs and focuses power wherever used, repeating the work Chokurey increases the power. 

Always draw the symbol once and say the name three times. The Power Symbol is the only symbol that can be used by itself and it is the activator of the other symbols. It opens up, brings in and seals the light. Draw it on the palms of both hands and the client before you start a treatment. When the treatment is complete draw it over the client to seal in the light. 

The left-hand spin activates the immune system and creates space, which allows the light/energy to enter, with it you can send light to a person, thing or situation.

Close out the session after a few minutes of meditation on positivity and release of negativity. Do not close off the flow of Reiki energy, but think about it being an essential part of your essence, which flows throughout the day and night of every moment of 2021.

Thank Archangel Michael for protecting and overseeing the session. 

Now si the time to drink some water and sit quietly doing something you enjoy, such as reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie. Avoid watching or reading anything “news” related until the next day. 

Have a special and wonderful New Year – 2021!

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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