Self-Healing, every morning


Every Morning!

I pull out a chair form the dining table and set it in a space away from any distractions and practice Self-Healing. 

I sit quietly.

I ask Archangel Michael to be present. I ask that he safe guards the self-reiki session I am about to preform from dark and lower energies. 

I ask my Angels, Archangels, ascended masters and mistresses and council of guides are present. I put a lot of emphasis on the guides that watch over me on my soul path purpose, Candice and Opame. I ask my Reiki guides who channel through Candice and my Helping Spirits who channel through Opame, who is an ancient Tibetan Shaman to be present. With all my guides, spirits present I can start myself reiki session. Because it is a “self” I do not need the traditional Reiki symbols.

I concentrate on aches, pains, and other things that have manifested themselves since the day before. We all have ailments that seemingly appear out of the blue and this is time to deal with them. In Shaman terms, these sudden illnesses are caused by spirits affecting our spirit as they come into contact with ours. In Shaman terms they can be made to stop.

I concentrate on healing. Healing is not just the cessation of whatever it is you are feeling, it is the restoration of what you were before the ache or pain.

For example, back pain may be the result of sleeping badly, or needing a new mattress. Yes, focus on the pain fading and going away, but also the strength and flexibility of the muscles and fibers that low you to participate in your favourite activity. That activity is the ultimate goal.

At the end of the session, I thank my Angels, Archangels, ascended masters and mistresses and council of guides are present. I thank Candice and Opame and the respective guides and helping spirits. And, I thank Archangel Michael who stood guard and end the session. 

At the end of the session I think of manifesting and happy and interesting day, a calm day, one that will not add stress to me.

Oaths and pledges from a past life that block us in this life.

As our soul moves through different lives we can do carry with us things that are relevant from a past life that block us in this existence. They are carried over or, they manifest themselves in a later, unrelated life.

Typical of these are oaths, and ways of living, for example:

  • An oath of celibacy or chastity in past ages came with a monastic life of study, religious devotion, and an unmarried or sexual abstinence in life. 
  • An oath of poverty as it suggests eschews accumulation of wealth and accepting the bare minimum in life style.
  • An oath of obedience means a person follows instructions and rules set down by an authority figure. This is different from compliance where the person is influenced by peers, or conformity where the person sees to match their behaviour with those of people around them.

Anyone of these oaths, or, combination of oaths, or a belief that has a strong, molding effect on a person’s life can affect you in this life and future lives to come.

I watched a program some time ago, about someone who believed they had been a French soldier in Napoleon’s army when they invaded Russia and attacked Moscow. Not only had he done a lot of research, he had acquired numerous artifacts. The dominant symbol of a regiment in Napoleon’s army was an eagle, displayed proudly on a pole at the head of the marching men and a rallying point during battle, rather like the eagle emblem in the Roman Army.

The Russians kept many emblems of Napoleon’s failed attack, and display them in a museum. One being a regimental eagle. In the presence of the eagle the individual became very “soldier” like. Performing drills, venerating the eagle, and saluting it, right there in the museum.

His time as a French soldier in the army that invaded Russia, his allegiance to the Eagle and regiment still has a powerful hold on him.

An oath of celibacy could lead to a life where relationships with the opposite sex are difficult or nonexistent, even if that is not what the person says they desire today. An oath of poverty can in this life mean an existence where a person “gets by” with the bare minimum and never enjoys a fuller life that even a little more wealth could give them.

Removing these blocks is quite simple.

Sit quietly, hands in Gassho, clear you mind. Say, or think to yourself that an oath made in a past life, name the oath, i.e. celibacy, does not continue or bind me to it in this life, or any future lives. The oath ends here and now. I affirm that being free of the oath I will enjoy a full and happy life without restrictions from the oath. I will enjoy love, and be loved, for the wonderful soul that I am. 

If you feel there are other blocks, carry out the same for another oath.

You may of course, perform an oat or block clearing that addresses “all oath and pledges, and beliefs that restrict you in this life… It is important to also include “Future Lives” and also that release from that oath or pledge in this life, ends at a specific time and place, “here and now.” 

Getting to know our Angels and Guides through Intuition

Getting to know your guides and Angels through Intuition. Messages from your guides angels come in the form of Intuition.

Listen to your intuition, not your ego.

The ego is:

An integral part of our soul. It comes with the soul when we are born and it will leave when we pass on. 

It is that part of us that helps protect and guide us through the material world.

It protects us by giving us a sense of what we should not do, or what we should do given a particular situation. For example, I would never climb 60 feet up a tree, but as a scuba diver, looking over the some of the dive boat at 60 feet of depth. I did, and still do, find that exciting. 

The ego test us apart from other people, the clothes we wear, the computer we use, where and how we live, the car we drive, where and what we do when we go on holiday… the list goes on and on.

The soul is power, packed with creative, life and expresses itself in energy and dedication. My time diving, took me into many realms; the physics and physiology of diving, history, medical knowledge, education and study, time and money. All of this happened within two years of a relationship ending that blocked these expansive bursts of growth and energy.

The ego can be slow to change. If it is slow to change it is because of its need for evidence and proof before that a change will be good for us. This can lead us to over think things as well as not take a risk to change. In hindsight if we accepted the risk we see that it was probably not as great a risk as the ego made it appear.

Some of the things that led me into diving and eventually being an instructor and opening a dive business were:

  • Self Esteem – I liked and enjoyed diving, but as an instructor I had a role to play and people looked up to me 
  • Self-worth – because people looked up to me, I felt I had more value
  • Self – The process of becoming an instructor and the feeling of increased self-worth increased confidence in myself and my capability

All of these things meant I was apart from the crowd of people who did no scuba dive and more importantly, were not instructors.

I was happy that I was doing something special and was no longer part of the crowd. And yet, if people were not involved in diving no one looking at me would know I was involved or that I had an elevated role.

If I had held back and not moved on to complete the courses and training that made me an instructor, I would not have been happy. Holding back my gifts, my talents, or the truth about myself, would not have made me happy, on the contrary, I would have been unhappy and unhappiness creates pan in our soul and our existence. It makes someone who has the potential to be a leader into someone who is a follower, that person is then submissive and just following everyone else.

STOP IT!!!! Listen to your heart, listen to your energy body, to your soul.

The ego has a role to play in our lives, it needs to be retrained but we need to have control over it, not be under its control. 

Learn to act on your intuition and bring it to the front of your attention.

Intuition is the name we give to ideas and things that appear to us, and we talk about accepting them or seizing the opportunity our intuition tells us is there.

Intuition is our angels and guides speaking to us. A part of our self-healing is for each day to be a day when we learn about our own, personal, angels and guides, the roles they play in our lives and what they can do for us, the more intuitive ideas and opportunities appear and the closer we get to our soul and our purpose in this existence. 

Sit quietly at home before going out and think about our angels and guides, ask for their help today. For example, I ask them to help me with my speech, thinking, behaviour and writing and ask them to “edit” as appropriate.

By editing I mean, help me speak up when the ego might hold me back. Think creatively or “outside of the box” to solve a problem when the ego would prefer not to present a radical idea. Behaviour is an important part in personal interaction, do not turn your back on someone. And lastly, because I write a lot in my work-work, improve my writing and its clarity, and in always help make it as effective as my thinking, speech and behaviour.

Being more open to intuition, repeating it and acting on the ideas and thoughts it brings us makes us happier and provides a balance to the ego. More importantly, it helps us learn to balance intuition and ego and teaches us other ways to improve our Self-esteem, self worth and our feeling of self confidence.

Usui Tibetan Reiki Course Updated

July, it is amazing weather, sunny and warm. Just the right time to get to know Reiki and take an online course!

Have fun learning about the rich history and heritage of Usui Tibetan Reiki. Gain an understanding of Chakras and spiritual healing.

Our online course is updated with new voice overs… Check it out here:

We all need something…

We all need something to believe in. Something to help us in our daily lives. It should be deep and inspiring, powerful and natural, unlocking the flow of vital energy as the pattern of our life changes.

It should help us understand our bodies, our lives, and inner soul. It should help us understand the Universe’s ability to join with us to heal our body when needed. 

It should encourage our natural personal development and be spiritually enlightening all at the same time. Above all, we need something individual and personal.

Shaman were and still are natural healers. They have practiced for millennia, they are recorded in cave paintings in Europe as far back as the Palaeolithic era, 3.3 Million years ago. Today they still practice in very modern societies, the US, Canada, S. Korea, Europe and throughout the Asia Pacific region. They were and are the original tribal healers dealing with all manner of mental and physical illness. 

The arrival of Buddhism in Tibet in 800 AD created a unique environment where ancient Tibetan Shamanistic practices and beliefs could combine with Lamastic Buddhism. The synergy of two beautiful heritages created Tibetan Buddhism, a unique blend of healing and religion. Today we study Buddhist Sanskrit writings and call what we find there, Reiki.

I am a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher. I practice remote healing sessions world-wide and in person, local to my home. Please connect with me and I will help you understand the depth and beauty of Reiki through online courses, eBooks, books and remote healing sessions. 

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The Ego vs. Intuition

As I have mentioned before, one of my guides shows me images of things that I should follow up on, things that will happen, or things I should do. Some people will refer to this as their intuition because they are unfamiliar with speaking to, or, receiving messages from their guides. If they are aware of receiving messages, they may be reticent in acting on the messages.

Yesterday, and this morning seemed full of messages!

First what makes this so relevant is that I had lunch with a friend of mine last week who acknowledged receiving intuitive messages but preferred to follow her ego, or logical mind. She said that when she followed her ego, not her intuition, there was always a consequence to doing so.

She had noticed this pattern throughout her life but was new and unsure in speaking to and being connected to her angels and guides and needed assurance that what she called intuition is really them speaking to her. I told her it certainly is!

Well, yesterday, when I was out shopping the idea of going back to one store was too hard to take. I just wanted to get home. My guide said, and yes sometimes it is a voice, not a picture or piece of video. That I could go to the store after the gym the next day i.e. this morning. That is what I did. 

I looked the location up on my iPhone and it said it opened at 9:30AM. So, there was no rush I felt. When I arrived I parked next to someone who was also waiting for the store to open. Suddenly, the driver got out of their car and disappeared. My guide suggested I get out and look at the open sign. It was on! The store opened 30 minutes earlier than advertised.

I was greeted by an assistant who came with me to help me find what I was looking for. We did not have much luck but as she went to speak to the Manager for extra advice, My guide suggested I look at the bottom of the pile of jeans on the bottom shelf of a display almost directly in front of me. I found one pair in the exact size I was looking for. Another pair I could have shortened, and one pair that will fit by the end of next week as I lose weight!!!

When I got to the checkout, each pair was 25% off, which I did not recall seeing advertised!

Another message from my guide this morning, before I went to the gym.

I paid for monthly parking on the website of the company that manages parking at the building where I work on January 1st.

The parking company had to send me a tag to hang on my rear-view mirror to show I was a monthly paid parker.

On the website it said the tag they issue will arrive in 9 -10 business days. My guide showed me a video clip of me hanging the tag on my rear-view mirror before I set out for the gym this morning. When I came out of my building, I checked my mailbox. There seemed to be nothing in it. But looking harder, at the back I saw a letter. I took it out and it was from the parking company and my tag was inside! It had arrived in just 3 days. The feeling I got when I hung the tag on my mirror was enormous thanks to my guide. 

Oh and repeating numbers, all before I got to the gym – 555, and 888.

Are you ready for the Cocoon?

Life, contrary to what we believe about time is not a straight line, it is not linear. We count our birthdays, 20 follows 19 and 21 follows 20, 9am follows 8am, but the way we grow and develop personally, how our internal spirit evolves changes sometimes by leaps and bounds. At other times, it develops slowly, almost methodically. 

It is the time after a period of intense creativity, or action, when what we have been doing cannot continue as it has been, or even should continue, that we suddenly slow down and perceive what we call ‘burn out.’ Some would call it a ‘brick wall.’ We stop and for some this is a crisis. Without the sense of drive, without the sense of achieving, we feel lost, we sometimes do not understand why this has happened and we look for something we have done, or not done. Often, we feel we have failed.

I challenge the terms burn out, brick wall, or failure because we are not asking ourselves whether we thought and believed the pace and intensity you were living at would last, could last, or should last? 

Life has a way of stopping you from continuing doing things that are not in your spiritual best interest. Trying and force it to continue is destructive to what you have achieved and delays what you could. 

The ‘stop’ may be leisurely, or shocking. Something leisurely might be something we expect, something that we expect. For example, an actor in a production knows when their character will no longer play a part in the drama, and if their character is going to the end of the production, they know when that will be. But someone who has worked at a job, and they are let go, downsized, that is a shock.

Being sensitive to the changes coming to our lives, and seeing not the negative but the positive, the opportunity to develop and grow in a different direction is important to how we are accepting of the change that is coming regardless of whether it is organised and expected or a shock.

Imagine you are a bird, high in the sky, looking down on yourself. What do you see? What is it about you that stands out the most? What defines you and what is it you are devoting your energy, yourself, that essential spirit in you to and how are you giving it to your goals?

Think of a caterpillar that spins a cocoon and enters it. It comes out as a butterfly. The caterpillar does not resist going in to the cocoon. It may not know what it will turn in to, it just knows that the cocoon is the next step in its existence. You have achieved a lot as a caterpillar, but as a butterfly, you will be more beautiful, you will fly higher, and longer and further than the caterpillar could ever have done.

Be patient, do not wish for what has been to continue, instead, look at what is to come and use your sense and ability to detect what the next phase will be. It is there, staring you in the face, you just have to stop wishing for the past to continue and be prepared to accept what you will evolve in to.

Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Class

Great news!

The Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Class on Teachable launched today.

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This is a self placed master class, the online course should be taken in conjunction with the additional material available in the eBook or paperback book.


Usui Tibetan Reiki Healing Energy Master / Teacher Student Manual

The Master / Teacher Student Manual, eBook or paperback book provides an overview of the role of the Master & Teacher in a Usui Tibetan Reiki teaching and training session.

When combined with the Level I, II, and Level III manuals, this forms a comprehensive set of instructions and guides for Usui Tibetan Reiki knowledge and practice.

By There are three reasons to be attuned to Tibetan Reiki Healing Energy!

1.Attuning yourself to Reiki Energy has a beneficial and mindful effect on you spiritually
2.Attunement allows you to connect to healing energy when you need it.
3.Attunement gives you the knowledge and ability to connect with healing energy not only for yourself, but others in your family and friends.
This eBook and this course are designed for self-study and to support understanding of this level of Usui Tibetan Reiki Healing Energy study.

The course includes this self-study manual and is completed by a short 30-minute discussion via Skype or another video conference tool and email for questions and answers.

The Cost of the course is USD$350 plus the Course Manual, USD$25, total USD$375 and includes:

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Mark A. Ashford
Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher
Author: The Practical Reiki Master



Usui Tibetan Reiki Healing Energy III Student Manual

There are three reasons to be attuned to Usui Tibetan Reiki Healing Energy!

1.Attuning yourself to Reiki Energy has a beneficial and mindful effect on you spiritually
2.Attunement allows you to connect to healing energy when you need it.
3.Attunement gives you the knowledge and ability to connect with healing energy not only for yourself, but others in your family and friends.

Our Online Master Class is available on Teachable at this link:

Each lecture in the Masterclass is supported by its own manual in either eBook format or as a paperback book – both are in full colour, and available on Amazon Kindle for USD$25.

Mark A. Ashford
Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher
Author: The Practical Reiki Master

For blog posts, courses, and to book a personal remote session or certification in Reiki Healing Energy… Go To

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